Vincent Videos! :)

Finally figured out how to post videos! These are from a few weeks ago but they crack me up!!

RIP Laptop!

My laptop took a turn for the worse this week, I have had problems with it but I thought it was fixed, hopefully Jordan or Alex can bring her back to life for me once again! So I have been having to wait for Jordan to get home to log on and most of the time I am too tired to post!

Well last post I was talking about our 14 week appointment and it went very well! The baby's heartbeat was in the 160s, so that is good, I remember Vincent was always in the 160s as well! Next appointment is our 20 week ultrasound so I cannot wait to see that everything looks good with the baby and that he/she is forming well! We are still deciding to NOT find out the sex but I have a plan so that we will have the correct color outfit and blankets waiting for us after delivery! :) My doctor has vacation the second week of August so I am praying I do not go early as I really want her to be there, she was so excited when we told her we were not finding out the sex! So I really hope I go on time or even late again so I can have all my key players there! 

I have a few pictures to post from the past week! 

When Vincent was sick he crawled over to the cat and put his arm around her! He laid there like this for a few minutes...Totally priceless! 

Vincent has started to play catch with Verner, he even throws the ball! Its hilarious!

Ready to play in the bath!

Loves the water coming out of the faucet!

My belly after our appointment! 14 weeks 5 days!

I got Vincent his first tooth brush! :)

Up to no good in the bathroom drawers!! 

Rubbing and banging his tooth brush on everything!

He can now flush the toilet! He is so fascinated with the toilet, and he is smart enough to open the toilet lid even though we have baby locks on them! Needless to say the bathroom doors are always closed!

Another favorite is the remote! He knows exactly what it does and loves to turn the tv on and off! He also likes to turn the DVD player on and off when we use it! :)

Cupcakes we made today, I was trying to get a tasty blue icing for Vincent's Birthday Party! It is a Fresh Blueberry Buttercream with Royal Blue coloring added!

Vincent had a few bites of a cupcake!

Vincent looks forward to smashing and eating a GIANT one here soon!

The cupcakes turned out great today now I just need to figure out a good one with green icing, I am thinking Chocolate cupcake with Mint Buttercream and Oreos! I ordered his plates and decorations and they are obviously mainly green and blue with cupcakes on them! Jordan laughed at the cupcakes on the decorations but I think it will bring it all together! I cannot wait to get them! I am excited!

Jordan has 2 weeks left! I seriously cannot believe it! It seems like only yesterday that he started school, he has really been cranking it out, he finished a semester early! I am so proud of him! I am not sure what he is going to do with all his free time! I think it will take awhile for him to adjust! It will be nice to get our family on a better schedule though! 

I am so lame, but I am so excited to see what happens on The Bachelor this week! I saw while we were in line at the grocery that he visited Ali and Vienna was upset, so I am not sure if he chooses Vienna then dumps Jason did to Melissa? I guess I will have to wait and see but I will be sure to post about it! If you watched last week could you believe Rozlyn? I mean seriously come on just tell the truth, she looked like a complete liar with all the eye witnesses! I just do not like that she swore on her son's life about the allegations!

Trying to think of something exciting, my days all blur together I swear! Well yesterday we went to dinner with my friend Christina and her beau Joe, they are expecting their first right around Vincent's birthday! She is seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever! She does not look pregnant at all minus her baby Maddox bump! But, I cannot wait to go to the hospital and hold him! I seriously love everything about newborns! There is so much love and excitement when they arrive! I cannot wait!

Well I am getting sleepy, and we have to be at 830 mass since Jordan has a Knights of Columbus thing all afternoon so I better try to get a few hours of sleep in! I will try to keep updating as much as I can, hopefully once Jordan is done with school we can revive my laptop! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a great week ahead!

Almost back to 100%!

Well after a tough weekend and past few days I am proud to say Vincent is almost back to 100%! I am so happy! I was so nervous because when my brother was about 9 months he had croup so bad that he was in the hospital for 9 days and he was in what my parents called the "Rainforest Room" where it was a room with vaporizers going wild, they had to wear almost like rain coats to even go in and see him and my mom said it was so sad to see him standing in the crib just balling his eyes out for her! I am so glad Vincent is doing better and we will hopefully not have to be in that position! My poor parents, I can not even imagine!

Me on the other hand have gotten worse, but I asked God to take away Vincents sickness and I think he added it to mine! haha! I went to the doctor yesterday and now am on an antibotic, so I am hoping that it kicks in here soon as I do not want this to progress to anything worse! But I would much rather me be sick than my little man!

We have an appointment tomorrow morning with our midwife! I cannot wait to hear our little one's heartbeat! It is truly so amazing to hear! I will have to have Jordan get a picture of my belly as it has started to pop a little! But I guess it's about time, I am almost 15 weeks! MY GOSH it is flying by! Cannot believe we will have another precious angel that soon! I will be sure to keep you all updated with how the appointment went! Well were off to bed early to catch up on sleep :)


So a few hours after posting last night, Vincent woke up and it was not his typical 30-second scream session, it was full blown couple of minutes complete with some wonderful hacking noises! I went in to get the poor guy and he just looked so sick! He started coughing so hard and it was so loud and his breathing just sounded horrid!  We called the pediatrician right away and she said it sounds exactly like Croup! We tried our best to calm him down and get him comfortable, then we rocked him to sleep with us! The poor guy snored so loud from all the congestion all night, I just laid there all night and stared at him to make sure he was okay. This is his first real time being sick and I just feel so helpless! He is doing a tad better today but I had him in the bathroom with the shower running for steam to loosen up the mucus build-up and then used the nasal aspirator (which he loves) to get a little bit out! They say it gets worse at night, but I am hoping we can kick it in the butt and make it easier for him! I have a feeling we will have lots of naps with him on my chest today! Which I am looking forward to! I will update later tonight! Say a prayer for the little man! 

Vincent's Crooked Smile! :)

Before I start...I have never watched American Idol, but this year I have been sucked in...mostly because of these two!  Enjoy if you have not already seen this!
Andrew Garica
DiDi Benami
Both give me chills!

So this morning I finally charged our camera and started capturing more photos of Vincent. He is going to wonder where months 7 and 8 of his life are considering I only have a few photos and others months I have hundreds! But I am going to make up for it! Well today started off slow, we got up early around 7:30 which killed my soul, but I made it work! :) I had a Respect Life meeting at church at 9:45, which was a nice break for me to get some well needed "ADULT" conversation time! Then I came home to a wonderful napping son! :) He slept for an entire hour and 15 mins which is great for nap time! Then he woke up and we started playing!!....

Showing off his walking skills with a HUGE SMILE!

and out of no where today he started with the funniest smile ever...his crooked smile!

He totally cracks us up! He just kept snorting and laughing and scrunching his face up! He seriously brings so much laughter to my day and I am so blessed to have him!

Today was actually his 10 month birthday! :) Growing so fast! :(

The boys decided to look in the basket at the same time for toys!

Time for some fun in the tub! But Vincent is so serious! :)

I love this picture....Papa Bear came in to splash around and I love him staring up at Jordan!

A little x-rated but cute non the less! What a ham!

So fresh and So clean! :)
After bath time we had dinner, it is so nice to have Vincent eating exactly what we eat for dinner! He loves all the flavors and textures! I am so proud of everything that he tries, he has not turned one thing down yet...knock on wood! He even liked Fish yesterday! Over dinner Jordan and I discussed how crazy and exciting having baby #2 is going to be! We are getting more and more excited with each day passing, maybe it is just becoming more real now that we are in the second trimester! We are so anxious to meet him or her and we have fully decided to NOT know the sex of this baby until delivery! I cannot wait to hear my midwife say "Its a BOY or It's a GIRL", I know we will all be crying and I think Jordan will be even more emotional this time around considering it could be his little daddy's girl! He got a huge grin tonight when we talked about how crazy it would be to raise a girl since all we know is blues and greens! I would love another boy, but I am happy with he/she just being a healthy little baby!

We ended our night with some more fun time and then it was time for bed! I have had bad sinus congestion all week and tonight I noticed Vincent was getting all stuffy before bed so I am praying he does not get sick! Well off to bed to hopefully kick this sinus bug and I hope Vincent does the same and hopefully Jordan will not get it! Have a great night!

Last thing...The song playing has been in my head since the movie we saw last night! I love it! Another great catchy hit Taylor!


Fridays are my favorite day of the week! Not only is it grocery day but Vincent and I also usually sleep in and cuddle! Vincent is usually up at 7ish and I give him a morning feeding then we cuddle in nice and snug in our bed! This morning we had to get the baked goodies to the church by 11:30-12 and my alarm went off at 10:15, and I just kept hitting snooze until about 10:45, but that did not stop Vincent from snoozing like a champ! I got up & got ready and needless to say he did not....

This was him at 11:20!
He was totally zonked! I made him a quick bottle and then finally woke him up and got him dressed and off we went!

It was so nice to finally see the sun today! All the crazy iciles are melting off everyone's house! Kind of sad because I loved looking at them! But I do love the warmth of the sun on my face! It is glorious! Also love that Vincent gets his daily dose of Vitamin D! :)

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and loved her take on daily photographs! "I photograph something in our life every single day. And because of it, I don't need a therapist. And, from time to time, I'll spend a good hour or so going back and reliving it, reminding myself just how blessed we are, where we've been, and how far we've come."
I used to take photos all the time and I need to start up again! The other night I had trouble sleeping and I just went through all of my photos of Vincent from his arrival to now! It is such a wonderful ride to watch him grow in the photos! I am truly so very blessed to have his smiling face everyday with me!

I love this photo of him @ 6 days old laying on my stomach! I just remember laying there with him imagining that he was just inside my stomach and what a miracle it was to have him on the outside!

My little man is truly growing so fast!

The past few weeks he has been falling asleep on my chest after his bottles and the one night, it was actually on my birthday he had cuddled up on my chest in his rocking chair in his room and I was seriously so happy that he was cuddled up to me that I tried my best to get comfy there in the chair thinking "I can sleep here, I need to soak in all this love!" but the chair just wasn't cutting it, I decided that since it was a rare occasion that he was so happy sleeping on my chest that I would sneak over to our room and prop myself up in bed and let him sleep on my chest til he woke up! And I did just that! I was so happy, I did not care if I got any sleep, it is just a blissful moment! I just know here soon when my belly gets bigger I will not be able to have those sweet little chances to cuddle up with my little guy! So I take it all in when I can!

Jordan thinks I am crazy! Maybe it is just a "Mom Thing" :)

Tonight I had a little girls night, well kind of! One of my best friends, Arielle came over and we went to see the movie, Valentine's Day! It was nice to have a few hours out of the house! The movie, I thought was very good! It was packed with so many big stars but I thought they did a great job! Definitely not a movie Jordan would have liked, but thats what girls nights are for! But if you have seen the movie, there is one part at the end that made me feel so lucky to have my little man to come home to and hug ever so tightly! That part brought tears to my eyes!

It was a great Friday, looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

Baking Day!

Not much to post today because I am exhausted and ready to hit the sack! Just thought I would post a few pics of the goodies I made today! My friend Christina came over as well during baking time! She is 30 weeks pregnant and having a little boy! I cannot wait ti meet the little guy, Maddox and for him and Vincent to play! He will finally have a baby friend in the same city! It will be so nice!! :)
Well here they are!
 Fresh Raspberry Buttercream! My favorite frosting ever!
Placed on top of Chocolate cupcakes....YUM!!!

Last but not least....
The worlds best peanut butter bars!!

I only got to eat one peanut butter bar in hopes not to have bad heartburn, I am holding out til tomorrow to eat a cupcake! :) Cannot wait to bite into it!

Off to dream about my cupcake!! :)

Day 1!

Day 1 of Lent has came to an end! And I have had no urge to log onto facebook! So that is good! Jordan has given up the radio in the car! Good thing we do not have any trips home before Easter! Maybe next year I will give up the radio because I love it! It totally calms my nerves when I am driving and I love to sing along! I think Jordan will like not having to hear me sing along for 40 days! :) Lucky him! Jordan chose to fast all day, I have to give it to him I could not do that! Typically most people will eat less and have a small breakfast, small lunch and regular dinner, but the breakfast and lunch can not be bigger than the dinner... sound like my daily ritual, minus the countless granola bars, crackers and fruit! But Jordan does a real fast where he does not eat anything! I'm sure his tummy has been rumbling all day! But he has been at class since after mass today so he has luckily not been home to see me eating! But yesterday I cooked a whole chicken and made potatoes and gravy so there was a ton left over that he said he will dig into first thing tomorrow morning!

Before I put Vincent down he always comes in our room for a bottle then breastfeeding, but I had walked into the bathroom while he was laying back taking a bottle and walked out to him holding up my baby magazine! It was so funny, He looked like an old man reading away! I grabbed a photo but he had already moved! He's is seriously the funniest little man ever!

Ugh I love him!

Tomorrow, I was going to take Vincent to a Toddler Yoga class but sadly a lady from one of my groups at church passed away so I am going to help out and bake a ton of stuff for after her funeral! So I will be busy in the kitchen before and maybe even after work! I am going to make peanut butter bars, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream and maybe do a few with peanutbutter buttercream and chocolate chips on top! I will bake a few extra for Jordan so he can get his belly nice and full tomorrow! I will take pictures to post all the goodies! I love to bake! :) But I have found I really only like to bake to enjoy it, I do not think I would like deadlines from clients and all that jazz, I just like to create different things and have fun with it! But maybe someday I will open a cute bakery! Speaking of baking... I have found what I am going to bake for Vincent's First birthday! 

Obviously his will not be pink or have those random animals! But I am going to do a giant cupcake like this! Then I figured for the guests, I will do all different kinds of normal sized cupcakes! But I am theming the colors off of the shirt I got him!
By the way which shorts do you like better!? At first I was digging the plaid now I like the seersucker ones!?
But the cake colors and the whole party will be themed off the colors on the shirt!
So I am planning on mostly all shades of blues and greens! I am going to do the same candles that were on that cake except in blue! And I think I will do without the candy- chocking hazard! I will just dot some different colored icing around it!
But that is where I am at now on his birthday, blues, greens and cupcakes! I found a few cute patterns for plates and napkins but have not made the final pick! I just want to watch him tear apart that cupcake! :)

Chrissy- I am excited for our shoot since I gave up fb I will probably email or text you! :)

Well I am exhausted and have a lot of baking to do in the am! Hope you all have a great night!

LENT begins tomorrow!

Cannot believe it is already Ash Wednesday again! Feels like just a few months ago we had it! Last year I did the RCIA program at my church and Lent was a busy time for us, as was for me and my last 40 days of pregnancy! I was due on Easter day, but was late by 7 days, but still counting down Lent and the last days of my pregnancy is something I will never forget. This year will be different though, last year I tried to give up chocolate which did not work, but this year I am giving up facebook! I am used to checking my facebook a few times a day! Sad, I know but it's something I do to pass the time! But starting tonight at midnight no facebook until Easter! I figured instead I will work on my blogging skills!

So here is to me trying to keep up on blogging for the next 40 days!

We had a busy weekend this past weekend! Jordan had a boys night which consisted of a few of the guys coming over! They watched Saw 6, and had pizza and beer, typical guy night! But I had said Vincent and I would not be joining them as Saw freaks me out! But they started watching it and it sucked me in! It was the first Saw movie to suck me in! The twists and turns were really exciting! But then Vincent and I hung out and he got a bath and we cuddled and read books before bed! My parents visited us on Sunday! It was so nice to see them again! We did dinner at the Macaroni Grill which is one of my faves, and I ate tons of bread! It made me happy which I was eating but not so happy later that night and into the next morning! My heartburn is seriously out of control this time around! I am eating so bland, I swear if I have a tiny bite of something that is greasy or sweet my stomach will be a mess! I am in week 13 and entering the 2nd trimester so I am hoping that it lets up! I remember with Vincent having it bad that Tums were my best friend but this time Tums do not even cut it! I am on the maximum dose of Zantac and eating a bland diet! I just want to be able to eat normal and have Italian or anything with a little spice! Hopefully here soon! :)

The kids had a snow day today so I had them all day! It was a long day for sure! I am not used to having them all day, I am only used to after school! Vincent refused to nap today so that was not fun at all! I think he was just so excited to be with the kids! But he passed out like a light right when we started driving home! I was nervous that the roads would be bad considering our neighborhood streets are covered! But once I got on the main roads it was as if it never snowed! I was so happy! I am praying that the kids have school tomorrow so we can rest and sleep in a little bit!

On top of our busy weekend, a pen exploded in our dryer! :) GLORIOUS! It exploded in a load of Vincent's things! I noticed one of his shirts had a black streak on it and then we found the pen! It is all over a ton of is stuff! It breaks my heart bc I take such good care of his things so our next son can wear them! But I am not sure what I am going to do with this load! I think I am going to try to salvage the most impoartant pieces as best I can! But the dryer itself was covered with ink! I read online to try rubbing alcohol and it kind of worked then I did rubbing alcohol with a magic eraser pad, and it helped a little more but there are still a couple streaks and it is tinted blue! So tonight I tried a towel soaked in a bleach/water solution! It kind of helped but tomorrow I am going to try Comet and bleach! I just hope it comes out! I think it is going to be okay I just do not want to ruin anymore clothes! If you have any tips of how to get it out of clothing please let me know!!

As for now I am exhausted and ready to hit the sack! Hope everyone has an amazing night and rest of the week!

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

I decided to give Jordan his Valentine's Day gift early, it's not much as we decided not to do anything big! My parents are coming tomorrow and we are all doing dinner out!! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful Valentine! 

Jordans Fave Reese Cup Cake!

Pregnancy Questions!

I figure this will probably be fun to read through later. 
About the mommy!

About the daddy!

JordanAge 24First child? No it is our second!
Name Allie Age 24First child? No it is our second! :)
Finding out!!

Telling the grandparents!

How did ur parents react? They were surprised, and overly excited. They of course cried! :)How did his parents react? They were really excited too. Are they helping with baby names? No, we are already set in stone on the names!Have they bought anything for the baby yet? Not that I know of! How often do they call to check on u? I talk to my mom and dad almost everyday; we talk to Jordans family a few times a month
About the pregnancy!

About the birth!


Other random questions!!

Where was ur baby conceived? Probably at home in bed?Have you felt the baby move? I don't think yetWhat race will your baby have? From you and daddy? Caucasian with German mixed in Do you have stretch marks? A few from Vincent, but they faded quick! Hoping to be lucky again! What was your first symptom? Super tired and just felt sickWhat religion will the baby know? And from what side? Catholic, both sideWhat music or interests do you want the baby to know? I will open my baby to all the options there are and let him or her choice their favorite Will ur baby have godparents? Yes, already have them picked! :)What is the baby's room theme? Depends on the sex! If a boy, the same as Vincent had but if a girl I want to do pink and green paisley print! The baby will be in our room for a few months so I will have time to decide!What was the first thing u bought for the baby? A bought a ton of "My first Christmas" stuff from Carters! It was on sale so I stocked up! Are u ready to be a mommy? I am very ready to be a mommy of 2!! :)
Do u have a name picked out? We have had them for awhile lol :)Girl names... Lilly AnnBoy names... Luke CosmasIs ur baby going to be named after someone? Lilly is just a name we love, Ann was my Grandmother's middle name who just passed away a few months ago, and Luke and Cosmas are saints that we like
Do u know what u r taking with u? Yea have my list from last time stillWho is going to be with u? Jordan, my Doula Leona, and both sets of my parents! Are u going to videotape it? I think this time I will for sureNatural or medicated? All natural again! Do u think u will need a c-section? I hope not, unless I have placenta problems again! Will u cry with u hold ur baby for the first time? Of course! AHHH best moment ever! Do u know what u will say to the baby when u first hold him/her? Probably something like "Hi Baby" or "OMG your a boy or a girl!"Are u scared about the labor? Not too bad, but no labor is the same so there is always the fear of the unknown but at least I made it through it once!
When was ur first appointment? Jan 13thWhen is ur due date? August 20th, 2010How far along r u? I am I think between 12-13 weeksPre-pregnancy weight? 120Weight now?  I think it is 122Have u had an ultrasound? Yes we had one at 10 weeks! The baby was moving around like crazy with a great heartbeat!Have u heard the heartbeat? Yep! Music to my ears! What was the heartbeat? 150'sSex of the baby! We are not finding out this time around! What do u want? I really am up in the air, but another boy would be nice! What does the daddy want? Boy or girl, he is happy with either! What do u think u r having? I really have a weird feeling that it is a girl!
What day did u find out? Thursday December 17thHow did u feel when u found out? Shocked a little but totally stoked! 
Who was with u? Jordan, he is actually the one who saw it first I had taken the test and waited a minute and the results looked negative so I left it on the counter while I cooked dinner, well Jordan went to the bathroom and saw it and came out and said "HUH, are you sure it was negative" with a big smile on his face! :)Who was the first peson u told? My momHow did they react? She was excited as can be!How did the daddy react? He was very excited! 

Happy Birthday to ME!

Man... birthdays are not as fun when your an adult! But I would say it was the most fulfilling birthday ever! It is amazing to have your amazing child with you all day! Last year he was just growing in my belly and this year he is  here on the outside with me! I am truly blessed! We celebrated my birthday on Saturday! It was so fun to have a day out with my boys! We went to my favorite lunch spot inside Nordstrom then the boys let me pick out any pair of Uggs I wanted. I hesitated because I have never fathomed spending so much on one pair of shoes! But since I never treat myself I decided to let them buy them for me! They are pretty comfy and very cute, let's see how they hold up! They better last forever! lol 
Vincent and I were snowed in today for lack of better words! The kids had off of school so I did not have to work, so we just stayed in and rented The Time Travelers Wife off on demand! There was no way I was driving to find it! lol I accidentally fell asleep during it though! I thin k I got a little bored since I have already read most of the book and I knew what was coming next! It was very well done from what I saw though! I love Rachel McAdams, I think she is such a great actress and Eric Bana wasn't too hard on the eyes! But thank god it was a 2 day rental so I can watch it again tomorrow! I am hoping that the kids have off so we can be lazy again! But it would be nice to get out of the house I guess! We will see as of now their school is open! We have to go out in the morning anyway, our Equinox is getting it's windows tinted, that's something I said it had to have when we bought it so the dealership is taking care of it! I just do not like people to be able to look in and see Vincent while I am driving! lol I may be a little crazy but I do not care! Well I have a few pics from Vincent helping me type earlier today! He bangs my laptop so hard, surprised it has not broken yet and he knows exactly where the power button is so he always turns it off when I am on it! lol Little turd! Well hope everyone is enjoying the snow! Hopefully now it will go away! :) Good night! 


My goodness it has snowed a TON! I did not think it would be this much! Vincent and I ran to the store at like 10 when it started and by the time we got out it was pretty bad! Thank God I went to the store early or else I would not have went! I really hope it clears up quick because my parents were supposed to come visit on Sunday! But if not they will come next weekend! But the good news is we can take Vincent out in the snow in his snow suit and sleigh as we have yet to do this! And by next year he clearly will not fit in the snow suit since he is a growing little boy

My birthday is on Tuesday! Birthdays are never as fun when you are an adult, really just another day in my book! lol But the good thing is The Time Travelers Wife comes out on DVD!! So that means I need to finish the book before Tuesday! I started the book in August, shows you how much time I get to myself! haha! But I really need to get it finished so I can compare the movie to it! Jordan got to see the movie on his flight to Taiwan and he said it was actually really good, which is HUGE coming from him! So I am excited to see it! 

Jordan heard back from a job in our city so that is great! It would be nice if he got that job so we wouldn't have to relocate and sell our house as I was not looking forward to that as we want to try to sell it ourselves first before we get a relator but we probably would not have been able to if we had to move last minute!! We will see... but he only has 6 more weeks!!!!!! :) :) 

This week has been emotional as I am pregnant but I have been pondering on a lot lately! This woman from my birth club (April 2009) on Babycenter lost her son Wyatt, who was 9 months old! Her ex-boyfriend killed the baby and himself! It has been huge news! It is all over the internet like crazy! This man had everything posted on facebook and on a website he made. He was seriously crazy! He posted every conversation he had with her and she tried to get a restraining order from him and it was denied! Then he wrote her this crazy letter and it was a story about their relationship and it had two alternate endings: One where they were happy together and the other was where he killed himself and their son! She took that to the courts and tried again to get a restraining order, the judge pretty much told her she was lying and that he sees this in a lot of custody cases where women will claim abuse to get the child. Well he once again denied her and said the father was no threat to the child! Well a week later the bastard took his poor sons life and his own! My heart seriously aches for her! I will post the link if you want to read it! Since then she has responded to our group sending her thanks to all of us for our prayers, we also started a fund and sent flowers to Wyatt's memorial! If you would like to donate let me know! It is truly such a tragedy that this poor little child was taken from earth this soon! This story is seriously heart wrenching!

Another thing I have been pondering is this beautiful blog that was also on babycenter! It is seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my life! It will bring so many tears to you but they will be tears of joy at the end! I have read this blog post a few times! It is so amazing! ENJOY!

Sometimes it feels so great to cry! I seriously felt a relief from crying after reading this blog! Sometimes it is good to let go of your emotions and let them flow! 

I will leave tonight with a picture of my little man playing in the kitchen! I gave him chop sticks and he was banging everything!! He is so hilarious and brings so much joy to my life! Being a mother is a true blessing! I am very fortunate to have the life that I have with such an amazing family, and I know it is all thanks to God! 
    Good Night everyone! Have fun in the SNOW!!! :)

Awake at 5:30 am...Sweet!

My sleeping has been totally off! I have had some serious anxiety that has kept me from sleeping! It really stinks! But I do not have to nanny today so I figured I would just wake up instead of lay in bed and toss and turn! So here I am! Plus I have some DVR to catch up on while Vincent is asleep! I have once again started slacking on the blogging! I need to step it up! We had our first ultrasound last week, which was a total relief because I feel like it isn't as real until you get to see or hear the heartbeat and that little munchkin moving around! So I was very relieved to see he/she moving around like crazy and to see that beautiful heartbeat! It is the most wonderful sound in the world!! I was also relieved that there was only one baby as that was something I was stressing, considering Jordan is a twin! I would truly lie awake at night and think "OMG could I really handle two newborns!" But thank God I do not have to worry about it, I will take one at once please for now!! :) I am almost in the second trimester so I am hoping to start feeling a little more alive. I go through the day feeling like a zombie! I would like to feel a little human again! And I would love to be able to eat something that did not give me heartburn from hell! I had to up my intake of Zantac 150 to taking the maximum of 4 tablets a day! Seriously who has that much heartburn and I am trying my best to eat really bland which is super fun! :) I am curious if all these side effects are trying to tell me it is a girl? Because it was never this bad with Vincent! We will soon see! Jordan does not want to know the sex and I am really still on the fence about it! I think I am just going to have my doctor write it on my chart and if I am in desperate need I can find out, the only problem is I cannot tell Jordan or he will kill me, and I know how hard it will be to keep it from him so maybe I should just not find out!? I can wait another 29 weeks right!? :)
Jordan is in the last few weeks of school! SO EXCITING! He only has 6 more weeks left and then he will be done and home at night! We seriously will not know what to do with ourselves! The only semi-stressful thing is there is a chance we could be moving out of state for him to switch jobs! Which is actually super exciting as I would love to explore another state! But the only thing that is stressful is me finding another midwife and another doula! I would seriously be heart broken as I love my midwife and my doula! Trust me there is not many people you feel comfortable with when you are pushing a baby out haha! I would like to keep the same baby team as with Vincent! Plus the other scary thing is that my parents will not be able to get to the birth like they did last time! Both my parents were there for the whole thing, it was like a totally family affair and I would not have it any other way! So we will see what happens in the next few months! I just want Jordan to be happy with his job because that is the most important thing to me! If we have to move to Africa I would! lol That is extreme but I just want him to work in a place that makes him completely happy!
Vincent has been making leaps and bounds lately! Everyday is something new for him! He is truly amazing! I love watching him learn and grow! It is a true blessing to watch your children! I seriously stare at him all the time watching his little brain figure things out! I know it is totally clique but they truly do grow so fast and they are not little for long! It is truly sad but exciting at the same time! So I will indulge in these moments I have with him as they are truly priceless! I have begun planning his first birthday, not too complicated but I am so excited to make his cake!!! :) I cannot wait for him to smash it and make a total MESS!!! :) It will be glorious!!
Well that is all for now, I have been dying to catch up on my 19 kids and counting as the mother gave birth to a premature baby who is a total blessing! She was only 1lbs 6oz at birth and is now 2lbs 3oz! I cannot even imagine what they have been going through! She is truly a gift from God!,,20340306,00.html
Hope everyone has a great day!! xoxo