Accidents Happen...& Boy Does it Suck!

Today started out amazing, the boys and I woke up and headed down stairs to make breakfast! Jordan was busy getting the breakfast stuff out of the fridge as he decided he would make us his famous eggs...PERFECT!! 

All was going amazingly, Vincent was running around and Luke was sitting in the booster seat eating puffs! All was pleasant and perfect in the house this morning...

I started making this soup that I had gotten for lunch and for dinner, it was a simple soup mix, all I had to do was add ham and onions....easier said than done!

Well Jordan was still cooking his eggs and my pot of soup was also on the burner, I was just about to take Luke out of the booster seat when Jordan was putting up the automatic vent for the stove that comes up out of the countertop, well when he hit it, the vent started to rise and it hooked to another pan that started to hit the pan full of soup so Jordan said "Crap, help me" I turn quickly to help him not noticing that I had lifted the tray off the booster seat.  What happened next is a total blur and all seemed to happen in slow motion!

I turn to help Jordan as Luke falls face first from the booster seat onto the floor. Screams came shrieking as I jumped over to grab him off the floor. I grabbed Luke and started to console him and cuddle him and try my best to take away all the pain. I have never once had this happen, I had an amazing record going with Vincent and Luke until now. Poor Luke's lip started to get bigger and bigger as the minutes past, and every time I looked down at him I started to cry along with him. Here we were both sobbing, Jordan then had to console us both and let me know it would all be okay. Poor Vincent just looked at us with huge wondering eyes.

I cannot believe this was my fault, it all happened in an instant and I hurt him by not paying close enough attention to what I was doing. We checked Luke over about a million times and made sure everything was okay, I of course kept saying "Maybe we should take him to the doctor!". Luke came out of the fall with just a fat lip (see below). He has been such a trooper all day long, I gave him some tylenol to ease the pain and he has bounced back perfectly. 

About a half and hour after the big fall, I smelled my soup burning, I ran over and checked the pan to find the soup BURNED, all the water had burned out and the soup was fried....

So not only did I mess up and Luke fell, but I had ruined lunch and dinner all within an hour. My Monday was surely off to a sour start. Like I said Luke was a total trooper and was smiling less than an hour after it, Thank God!

 Here is Luke's boo boo on his lip, I think it may have grown 3 times its normal size.

I still cringe when I look at this poor man!

Back to 100% this evening! My little trooper!

I was hesitant to share what had happened today because I did not want people commenting and judging me and commenting on what I did wrong or what I could have done differently! I know people say accidents always happen and I always hated that saying. But today I know it is true, accidents DO happen. There is nothing I can do about what happened to Luke this morning, all I can do is make sure that it does not happen again and pay closer attention to the task I am doing. I know as mother's it is hard to know that we make mistakes that can sometimes hurt our children, but do not beat yourself up over it. I was on a winning streak with no accidents until today, and it surely sucks to know that I messed up but it does happen. I am sure that if this were my first child and this had happened and it was under someone elses watch, I would have flipped a lid and said "They will never be allowed to watch him again!", but even under the watch of a parent things will happen. So just remember not to be too tough on yourself if something happens to your little one. I know this will not be the last accident in this household but for today it was plenty for me to handle....

Brownies helped tonight to help me recover from the crazy day...I am shocked I did not burn them!

Jordan and I are ending the night watching "24" (new obsession) and hanging out with Luke! Hopefully tomorrow brings a happy and safe day for this house! There is supposed to be a HUGE snow storm coming in tomorrow...I am hoping for it to be crazy and us to get snowed in!! I would love to build Vincent a sweet igloo! :) 

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Until next time...xoxo

Pillow Talk

So if you did not know or notice, I have taken up sewing for our new shop and just for something to do for fun to get a little break from the kids every once in awhile. I had been looking online for pillows for our new bedroom and was not about to pay 30-40 dollars for 2 pillows so that is one of the main reasons I took up sewing, to customize my house in my own style rather than following with what a store offers. I found the cutest red floral fabric at Wal- Mart and just got a bag of pillow filler.

 I had also bought a pillow pattern but when I opened it, it just confused me even more...I think I am going to sign up for a class because I have no patience on my own and I have little extra time to figure it out. So I just turned my fabric inside out and sewed a 16 x16 square, left a little bit open flipped her inside out and added stuffing and sewed the last bit shut and in less than 10 minutes I had my 2 accent pillows...that is what I and speedy decor! I must say they turned out pretty darn cute, they may not be accurate but they work great.

I think they match our cute pinstriped duvet and pillow cases from Ikea. I am still decorating our master bedroom and will post pictures once it is complete. We moved in over a month ago but are still settling in. The next big project is to get Vincent moved into his big boy room (twin bed) and Luke moved into the nursery! I am so behind, when I was pregnant with Luke I wanted to have Vincent moved into his big bed by the time Luke was 1-2 months, well life turned crazy with Jordan's new job and moving and the unsteadiness of it all, or the fact that I am just too tired to endure what it will take to make the big switcheroo. Nonetheless that is the goal in the coming months. 

Do you have any tips on moving your toddlers into a big kid bed? If so I would love to hear them.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, we are going to go check out running shoes today...hopefully I can pull off a cute pair that is comfortable. Jordan is super serious about these shoes, as am I so we are hitting up a store that will watch me run and fit them perfectly. Hey maybe that is why I hated running, because I was always in cheerleading shoes with zero support! I hope that is the reason...but I have a feeling I hated it because it hurt...oh well this baby weight clearly isn't melting off by itself!!

Until next time....xoxo

Let's Shovel!

Vincent is such a little helper! He was so excited to have daddy home, he even went out to help him shovel! I could not find his normal coat so he is wearing the coat I got him for next year...notice it hangs down to his knees! 

He was able to sport the coolest boots ever from Vincent shoes! They are HUGE on him but he has such FAT feet I was excited to see him in something other than Crocs! How perfect...

 He has been sporting the boots around the house every chance he gets! 

He was obviously too cold to crack a smile! He did find a broom in the garage to help Daddy!

He was a little cranky when I brought him inside, since Jordan was not finished with the driveway...hey I guess he has a good work ethic if he is upset that his job was not totally done. 

Anyways I have another funny pic of Vincent from this week. He always trys to imitate us and I like to do handstands, as does Jordan. But Vincent does this for a handstand...

Sorry for the crack

And here is one of Mr Luke from this past week...I am still in shock how blue his eyes are, considering how dark Vincents are.

I love his eyes. Jordan and I have been talking about how completely different the boys are. They are truly like night and day...and yes Luke still has his night and days mixed up as far as sleep goes. He literally just wakes up and talks at night and has no desire to go back to sleep. I guess it is better than crying!:) But Luke is much more of a talker than Vincent ever was. Luke also is super smiley, unlike Vincent who was Mr. Serious and barely ever cracked a smile. Vincent likes to keep to himself, but I have a feeling Luke will be our outgoing one! I just love to watch them grow every day and see how they interact with each other. We had one big boo-boo this week, I was feeding Luke on the couch and he had just fallen asleep, and Vincent found the remote on the floor and bought it to me. I thought he was going to hand it so I reached out just as he went to throw it...straight at poor little sleeping Luke's head. Luke FLIPPED and I had to tell Vincent it was bad, and Vincent started tearing up and started screaming at about the same HIGH pitch Luke was! lol All was well after a few minutes and lots of hugs! I cannot wait to see all the boo-boos that are to come along the way with these little muchkins! Boys will be boys I guess!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xoxo

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Half Marathon- Am I Crazy??

So Jordan just got home from a week away for his yearly sales meeting and then a conference and I must say we missed him so incredibly much. I am so excited to have him home, and he got so much recognition at his job...I am beyond proud of him. He was named Rookie of the Year for sales among a few other things. I am so grateful that he found this job and all the blessings it has brought along the way since he started in May! 
Well this morning he grabbed a sheet of paper and started mapping out our training schedule for the Hoover Dam Marathon next October.

Course from 2009

 I guess I should start the story by saying I had a great idea a few weeks ago that we should do something physical and fun together to bond (get your mind out of the gutter), but I thought a half marathon would be the perfect thing. I HATE DISPISE RUNNING, I know I have posted before about it but in college for cheerleading we always had to run a mile before practice and I dreaded every single thing about it but since I have had kids I have realized that I am not going to fall back into shape without running. I used to do gymnastics and cheerleading but that is not really on the agenda when you are a mommy! lol So running it is!

I decided that if we were going to take on a challenge like this we should make a whole weekend of fun as a reward for all the work we put into it...what better of a place to reward yourself than VEGAS! It is perfect as we have never been there yet, so that is the plan. Half marathon, relaxing and gambling is the perfect mix of work and play for us! 

But when Jordan dropped the news that we had to train I guess I wasn't too thrilled. He said "did you think you were going to just show up and run 13 miles", well ya kind of! So we are starting out small with adding a mile each week. I need to complete this as I have a bad problem with following this half marathon is my goal for this year. And then the fun weekend in Vegas with Jordan is my reward! 

I asked Jordan if we could get matching t-shirts, he looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO", but I have a few months to change his mind. I am thinking Team Gator! HAHA Joking but I am excited to get a new pair of running shoes. Any suggestions?? Jordan got a pair of Vibram Five Fingers and he will be running it in those! I prefer some cute pink running shoes!! I know the training and actual running will suck but I think it will be a good bonding experience for Jordan and I. Let's hope he does not kill me in the process! :) 

If you have ran any type of marathon let me know any pointers. I would LOVE to hear how you got through it! haha! All I know is I am looking forward to lounging at the pool with a Pina Colada after the race!


Training begins next week....((oh boy))

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Trip Home...

This past weekend, the boys and I made a trip home to visit my parent's, it was my dad's birthday on Saturday so we spent the weekend with them lounging around and eating good food. I was excited last week as I was dropping a few pounds, and I am pretty sure I ate those pounds right back this weekend. My stepmom and I made a chocolate cake and she made homemade chocolate icing, it tastes just like FUDGE! So needless to say, I ate my fare share of goodies!! YUM!

While we were home we stopped over and visited my friend Chrissy, who is about 14 weeks pregnant with her first! Vincent adores Chrissy and had a total blast running around and playing with her. She is going to be such an amazing mommy! I cannot wait!! Here are a few pictures she snapped during our visit.

She was cracking up over how cute Luke looked in his hat....
Picture 8

Chrissy has this super long awesome hallway and Vincent ran up and down it for almost an hour playing wit was so freaking cute!

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 15

Vincent has begun to help feed Luke snacks...POOR LUKE! :) He had to show Chrissy his BIG BROTHER skills~!
Picture 16

Picture 17

Vincent was cuddling with the creepiest doll Mr Buddy that Chrissy's husband got as a gag gift from his brother haha. He was trying to put a pacifier in his mouth and cover him with a blanket!

Picture 18

Picture 14

Picture 19

It was a great visit home! Like I said I loved visiting with Chrissy and talking about pregnancy and baby stuff! I cannot wait to find out what the gender of her baby is! haha I know by the way she interacts with my boys that she will be such a fun hands on mommy! I am totally pulling for a little boy for her! I am selfish haha I want Vincent and Luke to have a little play friend, but I guess a little girlfriend will do just fine as well!! :)

I have been slacking with posts since we were gone and since I have been working on new items for the etsy shop. Tomorrow I am going to have the Valentine's Giveaway that I keep talking about so make sure to check back!!!

Hope you all are having an amazing week!! Much love!

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Who wore it best??

I have been so busy lately working on the new Etsy shop Full House Creations, I have not been able to post much. I figured I would share a cute picture of the boys each wearing the same shirt. 

Here is Vincent, he was 8 months old!!

And here is Luke this past weekend, 5 months old!

There clearly is no winner since they both wore it perfectly! haha!

Also another thing keeping me busy is that I told my husband I wanted us to see who could give the coolest Valentines Day card, I found a really cool Taylor Swift one that plays music so I thought I had it in the bag for best card well yesterday he came upstairs with the new Ipad he got for being an amazing salesman last quarter and handed me this...

He gave me his brand new Ipad! He said he knew that I would get more use out of it than him! I just stood there in awe! I told him that we will share it but he insists on me having it....I LOVE HIM! So if you have an Ipad please tell me some good app's to get!!

Also how in the heck can my card compete with this...I will need to kick it up a notch!

Last thing...
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Craftastic- New Additions to Playroom!

Last I was up until 1 am, I had wanted to go to bed early but you know how it is to not be able to sleep if you have something on your mind...Well my mind has been racing with cute things to sew since my Mother in law got me a sewing machine.

 Last night I made a cute colorful banner for the boys playroom. It cost me under 2 DOLLARS in materials! It was so freaking easy! I cut out the pennants on fabric and sewed them to a polka dot ribbon...and volia....the banner!

I think it looks adorable draped across the room! Some other new additions to the play room is the bounce house, 30 dollars at about tons of fun for your toddler! I figured it would pop or deflate by now and it hasn't. It is rock solid.... Love it!

The bounce house takes up the whole room I swear but we had to keep the tent up because Vincent loves that too....running out of space in the play room for sure...

I had some picture frames from our old master bedroom so I switched out pictures and added colored cardstock to create this cute little collage for FREE :)

Then like I said I could not sleep because I wanted to complete a reusable snack bag for our etsy shop! Here is the finished product!

Just wanted to do a quick post on what I have been up to this weekend...our Etsy Grand Opening will be coming soon... I have slowly but surely been adding stuff to our site and am so excited about it!!

I hope you all have a great Sunday!! xoxo

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