2010 {Year in Photos}

WOW 2010 was such a crazy and amazing rollercoaster for us! We became a family of 4, Jordan graduated with his MBA and got a new job, we left our first home and moved to a new house and new city! I am curious if any year will be able to have that much action packed into it! In a way I am kind of hoping for a nice and relaxing 2011! :)


After revealing the news of our newest addition growing in my belly last Christmas, Jordan and I enjoyed a night alone at a special fun castle in the woods on Jan 1st!!

On a walk with our friend Forrest 

Last year I gave up Facebook for Lent so these pictures came during that period

16 weeks with Luke!


Vincent turned 1! One of the best days!

And were officially WALKING (May)

28 weeks!

Jord's 25th!

We became a mini-van fam! haha

Melting Pot Adventure...your husband takes your son outside to play and this is what happens...haha

36 weeks!

Luke joined us!

Vincent fell into his new role as BIG BRO!

Luke's Baptism

Festival Fun!

Happy 1/2 Birthday V

Whew...and that was not even all of my favorites pics...I have so many great memories and I cannot wait to see what is next in our journey! I have no clue what is in store for us this year, but I know at this moment I am happy and very blessed!

 I hope you all have an amazing 2011. Thanks so much for following us this past year! Love you all!! xoxo

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