Accidents Happen...& Boy Does it Suck!

Today started out amazing, the boys and I woke up and headed down stairs to make breakfast! Jordan was busy getting the breakfast stuff out of the fridge as he decided he would make us his famous eggs...PERFECT!! 

All was going amazingly, Vincent was running around and Luke was sitting in the booster seat eating puffs! All was pleasant and perfect in the house this morning...

I started making this soup that I had gotten for lunch and for dinner, it was a simple soup mix, all I had to do was add ham and onions....easier said than done!

Well Jordan was still cooking his eggs and my pot of soup was also on the burner, I was just about to take Luke out of the booster seat when Jordan was putting up the automatic vent for the stove that comes up out of the countertop, well when he hit it, the vent started to rise and it hooked to another pan that started to hit the pan full of soup so Jordan said "Crap, help me" I turn quickly to help him not noticing that I had lifted the tray off the booster seat.  What happened next is a total blur and all seemed to happen in slow motion!

I turn to help Jordan as Luke falls face first from the booster seat onto the floor. Screams came shrieking as I jumped over to grab him off the floor. I grabbed Luke and started to console him and cuddle him and try my best to take away all the pain. I have never once had this happen, I had an amazing record going with Vincent and Luke until now. Poor Luke's lip started to get bigger and bigger as the minutes past, and every time I looked down at him I started to cry along with him. Here we were both sobbing, Jordan then had to console us both and let me know it would all be okay. Poor Vincent just looked at us with huge wondering eyes.

I cannot believe this was my fault, it all happened in an instant and I hurt him by not paying close enough attention to what I was doing. We checked Luke over about a million times and made sure everything was okay, I of course kept saying "Maybe we should take him to the doctor!". Luke came out of the fall with just a fat lip (see below). He has been such a trooper all day long, I gave him some tylenol to ease the pain and he has bounced back perfectly. 

About a half and hour after the big fall, I smelled my soup burning, I ran over and checked the pan to find the soup BURNED, all the water had burned out and the soup was fried....

So not only did I mess up and Luke fell, but I had ruined lunch and dinner all within an hour. My Monday was surely off to a sour start. Like I said Luke was a total trooper and was smiling less than an hour after it, Thank God!

 Here is Luke's boo boo on his lip, I think it may have grown 3 times its normal size.

I still cringe when I look at this poor man!

Back to 100% this evening! My little trooper!

I was hesitant to share what had happened today because I did not want people commenting and judging me and commenting on what I did wrong or what I could have done differently! I know people say accidents always happen and I always hated that saying. But today I know it is true, accidents DO happen. There is nothing I can do about what happened to Luke this morning, all I can do is make sure that it does not happen again and pay closer attention to the task I am doing. I know as mother's it is hard to know that we make mistakes that can sometimes hurt our children, but do not beat yourself up over it. I was on a winning streak with no accidents until today, and it surely sucks to know that I messed up but it does happen. I am sure that if this were my first child and this had happened and it was under someone elses watch, I would have flipped a lid and said "They will never be allowed to watch him again!", but even under the watch of a parent things will happen. So just remember not to be too tough on yourself if something happens to your little one. I know this will not be the last accident in this household but for today it was plenty for me to handle....

Brownies helped tonight to help me recover from the crazy day...I am shocked I did not burn them!

Jordan and I are ending the night watching "24" (new obsession) and hanging out with Luke! Hopefully tomorrow brings a happy and safe day for this house! There is supposed to be a HUGE snow storm coming in tomorrow...I am hoping for it to be crazy and us to get snowed in!! I would love to build Vincent a sweet igloo! :) 

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Until next time...xoxo


  1. Oh my goodness, I can just picture this happening! Such an easy mistake to make when you're in the moment! Thankfully he's ok and he looks pretty happy so you didn't traumatize him! Don't worry about being judged, I'm sure anyone who has kids will totally understand. Abby fell in the shower one time by trying to grab the shower head... she was literally swinging like a monkey! It was totally my fault because I wasn't paying close attention (trying to multi task and clean). I was lucky because I keep very little water in tub but it could have been bad! I felt awful! She actually got over it quicker than I did!

  2. Reporting to child services in 3...2...1...

    I can actually see his chubby, rotund body just rolling face first on to the ground.

  3. The only thing I'm judging is those brownies, and they look FABULOUS!!!! Recipe please!

    Sorry that happened - I can tell you numerous stories of my youngest daughter busting open her lip. We even had to go to the ER for her TWICE!

    I'm glad your son is doing better.

  4. Grandma's poor baby. You are right accidents do happen when you are in a hurry. I am glad to see Baby Michelin is okay :) Don't worry, his Aunt Jennifer fell off the kitchen table out of her car seat, when she was a baby, I know her brothers' will say, so that is what happened to her. Be prepared there are many more to happen. Alex and Jordan fell out of bed and broke their lips open, I don't know how many times.

    Love to all of you, Mom Cindy, Grandma

  5. I dropped Hannah when she was 3 days old. No, I'm not kidding. She slid out of my arms when I was passed out, right onto the floor. She didn't even wake up or cry because she was swaddled so tightly and the carpet in our bedroom was very cushy. But I felt terrible. It happens to all of us, accidents certainly do happen. I do however still feel incredibly guilty about THIS incident, which I am posting for you to read when your new bundle of joy arrives:

    It's not to scare you, just to create awareness because it shocked the hell outta me!