Holy Crap {Literally}

Warning- if you do not have babies this may disgust you!

This is almost a daily happening around the house- Luke blowing his diaper up. You can hear him from across the room! It is like he saves his do-do up for one big production and mess! He is seriously cranky all day until he gets his poo out, poor guy! But last weekend he had his first HUGE blow out. I am used to his poop blowing up the back, but when we unzipped his little sleeper we saw THIS: 

 He managed to make it go all the way down his leg, not to mention up his back almost to the shoulders...see picture #3!

 I had to call in extra clean up enforcement...aka...Daddy!

Luke enjoyed his first bath in the kitchen sink though...he may not be smiling but he was kicking like crazy!

Kick, kick, kick!

Oh the glorious things I never thought I would be spending my day doing, or even writing about. But big diaper blow ups make me laugh!

Enjoy...if you are not already wanting to vomit! Sorry! haha

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  1. I definitely remember those days. My favorite is when one of mine would have a blow out while we were at a public place (like the car dealership one time!). Those are extra fun! Lol.


  2. the 1st pic of him in the sink all chubby with that confused look on his face is ADORABLE!

    PS my word verification to post this comment is POOkin...HAHA

  3. I am definitely feeling your pain on this one. This has occured while a few times in my mommy life. One time I was in california and it was over flowng in a high chair! The biggest mess I have ever seen!

  4. Sophie had a blowout today too! It was not pretty. Thanks for adding me to your little side bar! I have to get a list of my favorite blogs and make something like that too!

  5. He sure doesn't seem to mind!! At least you have a good attitude and can laugh about it too! :)

  6. My little man has blow outs all the time as well... oh the joys of motherhood! I just came across you blog on Top Mommy Blogs and I love it :)