Let's Shovel!

Vincent is such a little helper! He was so excited to have daddy home, he even went out to help him shovel! I could not find his normal coat so he is wearing the coat I got him for next year...notice it hangs down to his knees! 

He was able to sport the coolest boots ever from Vincent shoes! They are HUGE on him but he has such FAT feet I was excited to see him in something other than Crocs! How perfect...

 He has been sporting the boots around the house every chance he gets! 

He was obviously too cold to crack a smile! He did find a broom in the garage to help Daddy!

He was a little cranky when I brought him inside, since Jordan was not finished with the driveway...hey I guess he has a good work ethic if he is upset that his job was not totally done. 

Anyways I have another funny pic of Vincent from this week. He always trys to imitate us and I like to do handstands, as does Jordan. But Vincent does this for a handstand...

Sorry for the crack picture...lol

And here is one of Mr Luke from this past week...I am still in shock how blue his eyes are, considering how dark Vincents are.

I love his eyes. Jordan and I have been talking about how completely different the boys are. They are truly like night and day...and yes Luke still has his night and days mixed up as far as sleep goes. He literally just wakes up and talks at night and has no desire to go back to sleep. I guess it is better than crying!:) But Luke is much more of a talker than Vincent ever was. Luke also is super smiley, unlike Vincent who was Mr. Serious and barely ever cracked a smile. Vincent likes to keep to himself, but I have a feeling Luke will be our outgoing one! I just love to watch them grow every day and see how they interact with each other. We had one big boo-boo this week, I was feeding Luke on the couch and he had just fallen asleep, and Vincent found the remote on the floor and bought it to me. I thought he was going to hand it so I reached out just as he went to throw it...straight at poor little sleeping Luke's head. Luke FLIPPED and I had to tell Vincent it was bad, and Vincent started tearing up and started screaming at about the same HIGH pitch Luke was! lol All was well after a few minutes and lots of hugs! I cannot wait to see all the boo-boos that are to come along the way with these little muchkins! Boys will be boys I guess!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xoxo

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  1. 1- Those pics of V in is winter gid-up...to die for. So cute!

    2 - his "plumber" shot is so adorable. I laughed out loud!

    3 - I love how much Luke looks like a little man in that picture.

  2. Sooo cute, both of them! If there is one thing you always see on Sophie, it's a butt-crack! Lol. It's always hanging out and it's the cutest thing!

  3. Oh what a doll, and crack is okay in this case!!!
    I am in from Bloggy Moms and love your blog AND etsy shop. I am all about etsy! I am glad to have you blog linked up so i can find it again, I want to order a snack pouch. If I can help promote you I have neat event where I can do that for free...
    Have a great weekend!
    Love the red boots by the way!

  4. Adorable pics!!! Stopping by from Bloggy Moms to visit and follow.
    Looking forward to your visit!
    Take care, Tracy @ www.havingfunsaving.com