Luke's 4 month stats!

Duke a Luke (as we like to call him) just has his 4 month check up yesterday! It was a little delayed due to the craziness of the move and the holidays! I am so PLEASED with our new pediatrician! My friend referred me to him and I had Jordan come along to check him out, and at one point when the doctor walked out of the room Jordan and I both looked at each other and smiled and said "He rocks!" He loved Luke and all his rolls of chub! So here are Luke's stats:

He is now weighing 18lbs 9oz, and is 26 inches long! 

He is growing so insanely fast! He has just started sitting up without help which is amazing because let's face it the second child does not get near as much one on one time with tummy time help and sitting up help! I always made sure Vincent had his daily tummy time and all those tiny things but with Luke I just have done what I can when I can and sure enough he is just as strong and maybe even stronger than V was at this age. I love that I am much more relaxed this time around. We started solids this past week and I allowed Luke to eat puffs, whole puffs to be exact! haha With V the first few times I always broke them in half (I thought he would choke on EVERYTHING) but I let Luke go to town on whole puffs and believe it or not he did not choke...who would of thought!:) Anyways here are some pics from our visit!

and here he is earlier this week sitting

He may have fell a few seconds later...but hey i'll take it!!

Although it is clear Luke has NO problems growing, I am hoping that he starts sleeping better. I am still at the most getting 2-3 max of a stretch of sleep, sometimes he is still up eating every few hours... I mean seriously dude! But I am hoping these solids will help with that, as if he needs to fill his tummy any more? Oh well soon enough I will get my sleep. I am hoping that once he gets there he sleeps like Vincent. Vincent is a rock star at sleeping, he goes down at 8-9 pm and doesn't wake up until 9-10am! I long to sleep like him! Lucky goose! But when you get a kid that sleeps that well during the night, it is hard to get him to nap! But will take a good night sleeper over a napper any day! 

Hope you all are having an amazing week! 

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  1. SO glad you guys like Hani!!! We LOVE him!

  2. Oh my! He is so sweet! Sophie has her 4 month check next week and I can't wait to see how much she has grown. I'm guessing she is close to the 17-18 pound range. Chubbadubbers! I love it!

  3. What a little chunker!!! I love it!! I thought my little Gem was getting big -- she's "only" 15 pounds haha!

  4. So cute! Hope you get some good rest tonight!