MyLikes = Money and a WINNER

Last week I was reading one of the blogs I follow where she talked about using MyLikes to make extra money on the side, so I decided to sign up and see if it really worked or if it was just a scam. I tried it last week and it actually worked, I only made 3 dollars the one day but it was legit, they deposited my big check of 3 dollars to our paypal account! I did it again yesterday and made another 5 dollars, JUST FOR CLICKING things lol, the only thing is it looks like spam when it comes across your facebook status, so that kinda stinks but I made a twitter account to post it to as well as a side tab on my blog! You get paid for people clicking the things you like, it is so simple. I figured I am not going to get rich clearly, but hey I will take free money any day. I can go buy the boys clothes or myself a new pair of Uggs at the end of the month or just to feed my Starbucks habit! lol So check it out and sign up below!

Let me know if you do and I will check out the things you "like". It is a great way for us to all make a little extra cash for the new year. Like I said I adde it to my sidebar if you want to see what it looks like! Good Luck ladies! xoxo

Also we have a WINNER from my BebelooshMini Giveaway
Cristin B with her comment:

 CristinB said...

Voted today!!!

 Facebook me your email address! Congrats!

Now I will leave you with a cute pic of Luke playing with his Godfather!

Keep those votes coming daily! Thanks again! xoxo
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  1. I have a blog award waiting for you! Stop by and grab it when you get a chance...

  2. yes, i joined MyLikes too and it's looking good so far =)

    your baby is SOOOO adorable! i love chubbi babies and yours is too cute!