Nella's ONEder Fund

I have blogged about Kelle Hampton before and here I am again, she is an amazing mother, wife and blogger. If you have not ran into her blog I encourage you to do so and start here with Nella's Birth Story, warning (tears may come but they are good tears, and this blog is hard to stop reading, I LOVE IT!!)

 In the past year she has started a fund to support NDSS called:

Nella is on the brink of her first birthday and Kelle had upped the ante on her fund to support NDSS. She started last week with a goal of 15,000 for Nella's ONEder Fund and quickly optained that in less than A DAY, and she has also bypassed the most recent goal of 47,000! The new goal is 63,000!! I love Kelle and her family and her blog. She is an amazing writer and very inspiring. Please check it out and give to her fund, skip your daily coffee and give to something much bigger! Trust me her blog will bring you much joy as will sweet Nella's face! God Bless!


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  1. Just for your blog on top mommy blogs and I'm now a follower. I'm also a 24 yr old stay at home mamma, but so far just of one! Hopefully another one in the near future! I also read Kelle's blog- Lover it!