New Years Eve/Missing Dog! {Week late}

In true Allie fashion here is my post...finally!

 I just haven't got around to it, since well let's face it- poop is just more interesting to me! haha! Anyways we hosted a party for our friends and family on New Years Eve, Jordan and I decided to take it to the next level and dress up last minute, mainly because he had to buy a tux for his Knights of Columbus ceremony so we need to get our money worth out of that bad boy! :) 

So here come the pics!

I look so tall above...I had to ditch the heels after like 5 mins...they hurt!

Cooking away!

This cake that Steph got from my beloved and missed Whole Foods was TO DIE FOR...It has Canolli Cream in the layers of makes me want to make the 45 min drive to Whole Foods now!

Look at my sexy James Bond husband! Suspenders and all! :)

Jordan thought it would be funny to play beer pong {hello to his fraternity glory days!} We set up a table in the dining room, classy I know! It was fun though! 

At one point there became a little audience, the kids were probably like what in the heck are you doing!

Note the cage in the back in the foyer...that is where Verner goes at night now since he cannot control his bladder and poop muscles! The funny thing is he causes more drama in the cage than out of it! He will bark at the cage and bang it around which is so fun to hear all night! So its either no sleep or pee/poop clean up in the morning...knock on wood though he is getting better!

And speaking of dogs my brother brought his little fluff ball dog over to visit and right after we rang in the New Year my brother noticed that Wilbur had gotten out of our house. 

And there is one thing Wilbur is terrified of and that is Fireworks....well wouldnt you know right after the clock hit midnight tons of neighbors let off fireworks! So they panicked and ran out to look for him, as did ALL of us at the party! Wilbur had totally disappeared. We were all out for like 2-3 hours then we called it a night and they came back bright and early Saturday. I had called the police to report it and they had printed flyers. A few neighbors were also helping with the search (a great way to say Welcome to the neighborhood!)  but anyways after so much time searching my friends Harold and Steph spotted the little monster when they were driving around searching. Steph no joke jumped out of the car, sprinted and jumped a fence and broke it hahah! She cornered the little dog into the yard and another car and lady had stopped to help. The other lady put her arms out and Wilbur went right to her...this lady was a little off her rocker though...Steph said thanks to her and reached to get Wilbur and the lady snapped saying "NO!!! he can feel your energy and you are too much for him right now!!" She told Steph to get in her car and roll up the windows and calm down....WHAT THE HECK...She finally gave Steph the dog!! haha

 So Wilbur made it back safe and sound. 

The happy parents! lol

The amazing rescuers!

The weird thing was Wilbur came back with a new collar and was completely dry and smelled a little like apples (it was pouring that night and day), come to think of it, maybe that crazy lady was the one who found Wilbur and had taken him in and gave him a collar (aka stolen him haha) and she snapped because she was so upset Wilbur escaped her GOOD loving energy!! :)

 But who knows he is safe and sound at home with my brother and his wife!

So there it was, our New Years Eve festivities! I loved spending time with our family and friends! We woke up and ate cake for breakfast, and I cooked bacon and Jordan made his famous eggs! I love having a house full of people! It makes me so happy! Thanks to our friends and family for ringing in the New Years! I hope you all have an amazing 2011! 

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  1. Bahahaha...I love how the dog came back with a new collar smelling like apples. I seriously started laughing when I read that! Are you sure it's the same dog?!? ;-)

  2. HAHA Yes thank god it is the same dog...the funny thing is the police called saying they had found the dog (after we had) so there was another white fluff-ball that got loose! I am so glad we found him, my brother doesn't have kids so his dog is totally his baby!! lol