Trip Home...

This past weekend, the boys and I made a trip home to visit my parent's, it was my dad's birthday on Saturday so we spent the weekend with them lounging around and eating good food. I was excited last week as I was dropping a few pounds, and I am pretty sure I ate those pounds right back this weekend. My stepmom and I made a chocolate cake and she made homemade chocolate icing, it tastes just like FUDGE! So needless to say, I ate my fare share of goodies!! YUM!

While we were home we stopped over and visited my friend Chrissy, who is about 14 weeks pregnant with her first! Vincent adores Chrissy and had a total blast running around and playing with her. She is going to be such an amazing mommy! I cannot wait!! Here are a few pictures she snapped during our visit.

She was cracking up over how cute Luke looked in his hat....
Picture 8

Chrissy has this super long awesome hallway and Vincent ran up and down it for almost an hour playing wit was so freaking cute!

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 15

Vincent has begun to help feed Luke snacks...POOR LUKE! :) He had to show Chrissy his BIG BROTHER skills~!
Picture 16

Picture 17

Vincent was cuddling with the creepiest doll Mr Buddy that Chrissy's husband got as a gag gift from his brother haha. He was trying to put a pacifier in his mouth and cover him with a blanket!

Picture 18

Picture 14

Picture 19

It was a great visit home! Like I said I loved visiting with Chrissy and talking about pregnancy and baby stuff! I cannot wait to find out what the gender of her baby is! haha I know by the way she interacts with my boys that she will be such a fun hands on mommy! I am totally pulling for a little boy for her! I am selfish haha I want Vincent and Luke to have a little play friend, but I guess a little girlfriend will do just fine as well!! :)

I have been slacking with posts since we were gone and since I have been working on new items for the etsy shop. Tomorrow I am going to have the Valentine's Giveaway that I keep talking about so make sure to check back!!!

Hope you all are having an amazing week!! Much love!

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  1. ummmm I'm totally blushing!!!! I loved visiting with you guys. When I find out the Gender of this little bambino I need to come up so we can make an IKEA run! Holla!

  2. I just saw your post on Bloggy moms and thought I would stop by and say hi. Very cute pictures! Can't wait to read a little more when I get some quiet time. Please pop by when you get a minute!

    Practical Parenting

  3. I saw your post on Bloggy moms too. I'm also a mom of two boys (almost 3 and 2 months) they sure keep me on my toes. Come stop by my blog it's about my trips and travels with my two boys.

  4. So cute!! new follower from MBC would love for you to return the follow