Who do you follow and why?

I started on Top Mommy Blogs a little while ago and am SO excited that my friends, family and you my faithful followers that have kept up on voting and I am almost in the top 25! {squeals with excitement}.

Lately I have been on the search to find other mommy bloggers like me and there are a lot of you who I love following. To those of you moms who just keep it real (and clean) lol THANK YOU!

 I love the quiet parts of my day (when boys are sleeping) that I can just indulge in your blogs and words. I love watching your children grow as mine do and the funny crazy moments that you have with them. I love the craziness that comes with parenthood, the good and the bad, the funny and the sad, but most of all I love learning from you. A lot of the blogs I follow really help me to grow as a mother and a wife! Thank you to you ladies out there who lay it out on the line and help others grow, especially me! Thank you for letting me know it is okay that my house is not perfect and the laundry is piled up to the ceiling! Thank you for letting me know I do not have to be "supermom" or "superwife". Also thank you for letting me know I am NOT the only one who lives in sweatpants! :) I love finding myself learning new tips and ideas and ways to become a better ME! 

I hope that my blog gives you warmth and makes you smile! I hope that I can reach out to moms like me (and others) and if anything, at the least just give you all a smile or a laugh on a bad day. I may not have all the answers to life yet, but on this journey we call motherhood, I am learning more than I ever thought imaginable. These two little men God has blessed me with have made me insanely happy, even through sleep deprivation they give me a reason to smile everyday. I guess what I am trying to say is- Thank you for following my blog (my life). 

Why do you follow the blogs you follow?

Thanks again for voting! Click below to keep my blog climbing! Much Love!
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  1. I live in my sweatpants from Aeries, until my children start using them as a klenex :).

    Thanks for your great blog that you produce everyday, I enjoy reading it.