Oh Bachelor...

I have a slight obsession with reality television...((I LOVE IT!))

 The past few seasons I have read the spoilers and they have been dead on, and I of course read before this season started that Chantal was the winner! I decided to watch anyway, and I of course always get attached to the people in the show! I tried my best to like Chantal, she seems like a sweet girl but I am seriously pulling for Emily to win! Also Ashley seems a tad immature to me, I keep wondering how awkward it is that she is a dentist and took her top off  for the swimsuit photo shoot...how could you have your teeth cleaned by her and not be judging her! lol 

 I read that Reality Steve was supposedly wrong and that Emily is the winner... I guess we will see in the weeks to come but I think she is such a classy lady! Her story made me cry, I can not imagine how she handled it all after her fiancĂ©e died and she found out she was pregnant! She totally deserves an amazing man and father figure to her little girl! They are so freaking cute!

Who else is an Emily Fan??

Also, rumor has it that Kendra Wilkinson is on Dancing with the Stars, if so count me in! I LOVE KENDRA! I hope she is on it and kicks butt! lol

Bubble Time!

Last year I had Vincent in classes at Gymboree for a little mommy and baby bonding time! It was so fun to watch him interact with all the kids his age! Vincent's favorite part of the class was bubbles! I had never been able to find them in the store until last week so I grabbed Vincent a pack. They have the best bubble blower (wand thingy). It makes the tiniest bubbles and it rocks! Vincent now knows how to blow his own bubbles!

Luke was in awe over it all!

He thought he was the bees knees! It was so cute!

I think this may have been when he tasted the wrong end! ha

Here is a video I took from the post above of my little Vincent in Gymboree class one day. This was before he could walk, he was almost one! I love this...

Please take a moment....

....and laugh at this.

My sweet ice pack contraption my husband made me lol

I had my wisdom teeth cut out bright and early this morning, just how I like to start my day! The procedure actually was a breeze. I did not want to be put under and make my day any worse so they numbed me extra good and gave me some laughing gas! The laughing gas was awesome...why can we not use that in childbirth? It was such a cool feeling...sign me up for some more of that please!!

 Anyways my husband was there and watched it, he cringes at needles but he did totally fine! The doctor did not even need to stitch it closed, so he was in and out in no joke 5-10 minutes! It was just my top two wisdom teeth so the healing should be pretty quick and easy!

You may be wondering why I had my wisdom teeth cut out...I was not going to share it with the world but oh well...I am getting Invisalign, the clear invisible braces. I never got braces growing up because A-My teeth are not all that horrible and B-I did not want to wear metal braces because I was too stubborn so here I am at 25 finally fixing the problem. My mom's cousin did Invisalign in her 40's and loved the results and swore by it, so next month I will have impressions done, and hopefully have my trays(which you switch every week) by spring time. You will probably not be able to tell since they are invisible but I will for sure be sharing the process with all of you! 

Anyways, my husband just walked in and said "You are so milking this right now!", I replied "why yes honey... yes I am" lol. I am laying in bed all bundled up with my laptop beside me and the tv in front of me...HEAVEN!

Well I need to rest so I am off to take a nap...I am beyond excited to hopefully get some rest. The other upside of this little procedure today is that I will HAVE to watch what I eat...lol hoping to lose a pound or two from the popsicle diet that will be happening the next few days! What a bonus! Anyways hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Stay warm!! xoxo

Goodbye Starbucks...

I am saying goodbye to our local starbucks as i decided to make it at home from now on with big thanks to their subscription online program. I always love going to our grocery because there is a Starbucks at the entrance so I would always grab my Chai Tea Latte (with a pump of caramel syrup) before shopping, well I found I was always looking for reasons to HAVE to go to the store so I could get my starbucks fix, and you all know how hard it is to get 2 kids ready to head out lol, let alone myself getting dressed...double ugh! 

So I decided I would start making it at home! Last week I just bought some random Vanilla Chai and Caramel Syrup and it was good but it wasn't the same. So this week I looked up what they use in their Chai tea and found that they sell it on their website and you can do a subscription so they will deliver it every so often (you choose how often) and I am all about subscriptions (AMAZON MOM is the bomb dot com ladies) so we will see how it goes....

I ordered this...

Chai Tea Latte Concentrate by Tazo Tea (64-oz.)

((I also surfed Amazon thinking they might be cheaper but it was cheaper from Starbucks))

and this...
Starbucks Caramel Syrup with Pump by Starbucks Coffee (1-L.)
(not going to lie...I already had some caramel syrup from last week but I wanted the darn pump with it! haha)

So hopefully it will taste a little more like the real thing! I cannot wait to get it delivered to my door...YIPPIE! Now I can have my Chai whenever the urge hits! (every hour if need be!) 

I made reference to Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save above and that is where I get ALL my diapers and wipes, they are 30% off and FREE DELIVERY (takes 1 or 2 days MAX)! Which means NO more boxes of diapers and wipes in my grocery cart! You cannot beat it! I also use their subscriptions for Mum Mums for Luke, Paper Towels and Laundry Soap! I LOVE IT...I am a little addicted to online shopping but you CANNOT beat the discount. 

For example I order Luke the Luvs Size 3-204 count diapers
Originally 38.99 and with Subscribe and Save they are 24.18 delivered free to my door! 

Plus I get a high off of having a LOT of one thing in stock...it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to look in my pantry and see not 1 not 2 but 10 rolls of paper towels! lol I guess that is the excitement you find being a SAHM (product hoarder)! Also a huge thing is you can stop the subscription WHENEVER you want, like when I ordered laundry soap I just signed up to get the discount (it was like 30% at one point) and I got enough for a year lol so I cancelled that subscription the same day after ordering. So check it out mommas!

Hope you all have a great day! Off to take care of my little men. Vincent woke up with 104.4 temp and Lukes temp also decided to spike up again...good thing I am feeling a tad better.xoxo

Gino's East Pizza Recipe

In light of our of trip to Chicago I came home wanting to try to make something similar to what we had at Gino's East Pizzeria! Of course it is a top secret recipe, so I searched online for a copy-cat, and came across one that I thought I would try on Cheftalk.com, there were a ton of people on there trying to pin point the exact mix of ingredients. I have only had Gino's once so I am not the best person to compare it, but what I made tasted great! Here is the recipe.

Gino's East Pizza Crust Recipe

1 cup of warm water w/touch of sugar

1 package yeast

1T cornmeal 

1 teaspoon salt
1T corn oil
1T olive oil
2 ½ to 3 cups bread flour
¼ tsp yellow food coloring ( I did not use the coloring because I could careless if it is exactly the same color)

Take the water and put it in your mixer. add yeast and a touch of sugar. Let the yeast foam up to be sure that it is active. Then add the rest of the ingredients including 2 1/2 cups flour.

Mr Moose holds my iPad up for the perfect easy to use Recipe Card!

Mix in your mixer

Kneed the dough for 5-10 mins, if the dough is sticky add more flour, then place in a bowl covered to rise (I let mine rise for an hour) I also drizzled and coated  mine with olive oil. 

For the sauce you will need:
28oz can of whole plum tomatoes, minus 1/4 cup of the juice before mushing
I also used some grated Parmesan

I mashed the tomatoes then mixed it all together. I used about a TBS of each then added a few shakes of Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper. 

  Once the dough has risen, you then roll it out, I laid my pan (I used a 10inch cake pan) down because you want it to be 3 inches wider than the pan before you put it in. 

Butter your pan (I used 2 TBS of butter)

 Push the dough into your pan

Layer your toppings. Cheese goes first, I used 12oz of sliced mozzarella, pepporoni and bacon.

Then add your sauce to the top! And then place in the oven.
  Bake @ 350 for 45-55 minutes

The pizza is ready when the sauce is bubbling and the crust is browning.

Here is my finished product! YUMMMMMMM

Here is a picture of the REAL Gino's

I would like to think they turned out pretty darn similar, not exact but well worth the shot! I love pizza so it was very fun and easy to try a new recipe! Good Luck!

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Snotty, sick and yucky.

Those are the words to describe Luke and I! My little sinus situation started at the end of last week with an annoying pressure headache and is now full blown into hacking up the most disgusting lumps of snot ever. I was praying neither of the boys would get it, but poor little Luke did, and yesterday for the past two days we have been battling his 104.5 fever, his snot has thickened up and he hates the nose sucker...don't you wish they could just blow their little noses to help release the goo? Needless to say we are doing nothing this week. Which is perfect snce our 50 degree spring like weather just turned to an ice and snow covered mess. So were praying Vincent doesn't join us on the sick train and praying it doesn't get worse....

I was just tooting our horn to my mom the other day saying how excited i was that we had all yet to be sick this past year (note to self, knock on wood after such bold statements!) Crud! Being sick sucks...

You know your a mom when...

You are jumping up and down clapping like a crazy person screaming "YAY POO POO" when your 21 month old looks at you and says "poo poo" then makes the *I'm pooping* face (you know the one where they turn beat red) and grunts, then proceeds to go #2 in his diaper, we both squeal and run around, he then proceeded to lay down while I ran to get a diaper and we changed it, and continued on with our happy time! Just recently he has been laying down, no questions asked when he thinks it is time for a diaper change, he just looks at me like "Hey mom I peed in this thing and want a new one"...

we are totally onto something...

I must say I am a little over excited to buy BIG BOY undies, they are SO STINKING cute!  I think it may be more exciting then a trip to Victoria Secrets! ha! I love having reasons to head off to Baby Gap! Thank you potty training!!....

Am I the only crazy one out there who gets super pumped for BIG BOY underwear shopping??

**HOLY MOLY, I just re-read this post and have to point out little Vincent is not a 21 month old....he just turned 22 months today lol! Great mom skills!:) That second birthday is creeping up **

Chicago Part Two!

Well I got cut off a few nights ago, so I am back to continue our Chicago Trip through pictures, I loved the city, it was so fast paced and different than our little life in the suburbs. I heard so many fire trucks and police sirens, I would be having a panic attack if I heard that many in our small home town but that is just city life. I saw a ton of babies and kids but I kept wondering how the parents in cities handle the hustle and bustle of it all! But then I was thinking, it is normal for them and they know nothing different and if they came to our town they would probably wonder how we survive with everything so spread out! Anyways, I am excited to take the boys to the city when they get a little bit older, and when it is warm! lol Back to the pictures...

The twins showing of their skills lol...never a dull moment..

 haha They were jumping up and down in pain from their hands stinging...
 Alex holding up his apartment...so strong!
 So serious!

loved downtown...
  Trump Towers...Billy Rancic helped with this!....I have a slight obsession with Giuliani and Bill

 We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get Hot Cocoa...
The cops were making their rounds too..haha
We were almost done for the day when the boys had a few more QUICK places to see from the Prison Break scenes...QUICK...most would think maybe a 15 minute walk...I wish...turned out to be an HOUR.. we had already been out and walking since 11am this was at 3:30ish.lol

Also at one point I made Jordan stop because my feet hurt so bad...I told him it felt like they were bleeding (more on that later)
 The fountain from Married with Children...." Love and Marriage....Love and Marriage"
 SO close yet so FAR....
 We stopped to play with the geese and ducks, and since I have a mommy purse we had snacks to feed them, they appreciated the Mum Mums. We played with them for no joke a half hour lol, if you are ever bored, feed some birds! 

The view was amazing!

We made it! We took a bus back to the hotel (THANK GOD) When we got back I took my socks off...my toes rubbed together and I was right they were bleeding!!! Totally worth it for this picture...
They had to embarass me and had the waiter sing Happy Birthday...that was not the most embarassing thing...it was Jordan and Alex singing it at the top of their lungs CLAPPING as obnoxious as possible!! :)

My love and I! 
  Becky and I!

There you have it! Chicago in a nut shell (well 2 posts) We had a great time and I cannot wait to visit again!

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Preparing for Guests!

I love having guests over at our house, it gives me a reason not only to clean (ugh) but to BAKE! :) My parents are coming for the weekend, and my brother and his wife are also coming to visit! It is so nice that my brother and I now live in the same town so my parents can kill two birds with one stone and visit us both at the same time! Tonight we are going to bake a ton of homemade pizzas, my brother has been experimenting to find the perfect crust and I am going to make my new Chicago style crust, we will have a friendly little competition! I will make sure to take lots of pictures because I am also making this really good Chicken and Corn pizza my brother loves! I also have my Chicago Pizza Recipe coming in a few days! (Hope you like pizza!)

Anyways here is what I made yesterday when the boys were napping (AT THE SAME TIME!!!! never happens!)

My dad loves Chocolate and my brother loves Peanut Butter so the Reese Cup cake is the perfect mixture!
Plus this is my husbands favorite cake as well!

Is your mouth watering?? Mine has been since yesterday...I wanted so badly to eat a piece last night but I fought the urge and had cereal instead for a snack...clearly not nearly as yummy!

I have posted the recipe before but here it is again! 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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New Items at my Shop! Ready to Ship!

Hey! I just finished up some new snack bags that are ready to ship, I have been slacking s much so I took advantage of my time while the boys napped, some much needed craft time!!! Please stop by and check them out!!

Here are a few of them
Ready to Ship Reusable Hello Kitty Fabric Snack or Goodie Bag

Ready to Ship Reusable Dinosaur Fabric Snack or Goodie Bag

Ready to Ship Pink Ribbon Hearts Reusable Fabric Snack Bag

Ready to Ship Pink Modern Animal Fabric Resuable Snack or Goodie Bag

Also let me know what you think about the shop!! Any feedback would be AMAZING!!! XOXO