6 months

Luke turned the big 1/2 a year this past weekend! It is crazy to think how fast the time has flown by! I swear he was just born! So much has happened in his first 6 months (new city, new house, new year) This is what little (chunky) Luke is up to!

Nicknames: Duke-a-Luke, Duke Cos, LuLu and of course Luke! lol

Loves: Sitting up, Eating Puffs and Mum Mums, Rolling all over, Bath time, the iPad (Pocket Pond App) Squealing and Squawking, SMILING, blowing raspberries, laughing, dancing, drooling all over, chewing on Sophie, kisses from Vincent, Toys and His family! lol

I love this shirt! (please note the pile of DROOL on his chest haha)

Luke does not have his check up for another week so I will update his stats then. But he is still a chunky monkey! My guess is that he is near 19-20lbs. He also seems to be getting a lot longer and thinning out a tad.

He is wearing 6-12 and some 12-18months, and size 3 diapers. His feet so far are not near as chunky as Vincents! (knock on wood) Luke has ZERO teeth and seems to be teething with the amount of drool (for months) but nothing has popped up.

Things we are still working on- SLEEPING lol Luke is getting a little better but we still need to make the room switch, Luke is still in our room (our bed), I know it is not everyone's idea of the ideal situation but it works for me with breastfeeding. Plus I am a crazy lady about SIDS so I love to have him beside me so I can keep an eye on him, if you think it is dangerous, it can be, but for me I have to disagree. I do not move an INCH when he is in the bed. I do not allow any blankets near him, these are just small things that I am completely anal about. But we need to make the switch soon so he can sleep as well as Vincent does. We did not make the switch with Vincent until around 7-8 months so we are not behind by any means on "our schedule". 

Luke advises all parents to get Pocket Pond on your iPad...him and Vincent LOVE it!

Happy 1/2 year to my little dude! xoxo

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  1. He is so cute! Happy 6 months to you!

  2. I can't believe he is already 6 months! Didn't you just have him yesterday?? Lol. Happy 1/2 year to Luke!

  3. Very cute little guy!!
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