Bubble Time!

Last year I had Vincent in classes at Gymboree for a little mommy and baby bonding time! It was so fun to watch him interact with all the kids his age! Vincent's favorite part of the class was bubbles! I had never been able to find them in the store until last week so I grabbed Vincent a pack. They have the best bubble blower (wand thingy). It makes the tiniest bubbles and it rocks! Vincent now knows how to blow his own bubbles!

Luke was in awe over it all!

He thought he was the bees knees! It was so cute!

I think this may have been when he tasted the wrong end! ha

Here is a video I took from the post above of my little Vincent in Gymboree class one day. This was before he could walk, he was almost one! I love this...


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  2. I love the picture of him after he tasted the wrong end!