Chicago Part Two!

Well I got cut off a few nights ago, so I am back to continue our Chicago Trip through pictures, I loved the city, it was so fast paced and different than our little life in the suburbs. I heard so many fire trucks and police sirens, I would be having a panic attack if I heard that many in our small home town but that is just city life. I saw a ton of babies and kids but I kept wondering how the parents in cities handle the hustle and bustle of it all! But then I was thinking, it is normal for them and they know nothing different and if they came to our town they would probably wonder how we survive with everything so spread out! Anyways, I am excited to take the boys to the city when they get a little bit older, and when it is warm! lol Back to the pictures...

The twins showing of their skills lol...never a dull moment..

 haha They were jumping up and down in pain from their hands stinging...
 Alex holding up his strong!
 So serious!

loved downtown...
  Trump Towers...Billy Rancic helped with this!....I have a slight obsession with Giuliani and Bill

 We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get Hot Cocoa...
The cops were making their rounds too..haha
We were almost done for the day when the boys had a few more QUICK places to see from the Prison Break scenes...QUICK...most would think maybe a 15 minute walk...I wish...turned out to be an HOUR.. we had already been out and walking since 11am this was at

Also at one point I made Jordan stop because my feet hurt so bad...I told him it felt like they were bleeding (more on that later)
 The fountain from Married with Children...." Love and Marriage....Love and Marriage"
 SO close yet so FAR....
 We stopped to play with the geese and ducks, and since I have a mommy purse we had snacks to feed them, they appreciated the Mum Mums. We played with them for no joke a half hour lol, if you are ever bored, feed some birds! 

The view was amazing!

We made it! We took a bus back to the hotel (THANK GOD) When we got back I took my socks toes rubbed together and I was right they were bleeding!!! Totally worth it for this picture...
They had to embarass me and had the waiter sing Happy Birthday...that was not the most embarassing was Jordan and Alex singing it at the top of their lungs CLAPPING as obnoxious as possible!! :)

My love and I! 
  Becky and I!

There you have it! Chicago in a nut shell (well 2 posts) We had a great time and I cannot wait to visit again!

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