Easy Toddler approved Smoothies!

One thing we love in this house is smoothies! We used to make them daily before Luke came along for an evening treat, so last week I decided we should start it up again! 

Here is my recipe...that is if you can even call it a recipe! I pretty much just wing it!

I pretty much just mix a ton of fruit, a little ice cream, milk or premade smoothie juice and ice and thats it! 

Our favorites are usually blueberries and bananas (shown above) and this week I had Strawberry Banana juice in the fridge so I used that as well! Then add a dab of whip cream to the top and a straw and you are ready to rock and roll! 

The mess on the tray proves how kid friendly they are! lol 

Luke enjoyed Mum Mums while we had our smoothies...he is not sure what to think about how cold the smoothies are!

Enjoy! xoxo

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  1. My husband hated yogurt until one day I made a smoothie with yogurt, fruit & ice. Ever since then he eats at least one cup of yogurt per day & loves it! Sometimes you just have to trick them into eating healthy stuff...even once they are grown ;)

  2. My family loves smoothies. I have a vitamix and I actually mix in carrots,cabbage,cucumbers, ..etc with all the other fruit, and the kids and husband never know.

  3. Delicious! Like the comment above, I also mix in vegetables and my daughter does not know. It is a great way to get those healthy veggies in! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen