Goodbye Starbucks...

I am saying goodbye to our local starbucks as i decided to make it at home from now on with big thanks to their subscription online program. I always love going to our grocery because there is a Starbucks at the entrance so I would always grab my Chai Tea Latte (with a pump of caramel syrup) before shopping, well I found I was always looking for reasons to HAVE to go to the store so I could get my starbucks fix, and you all know how hard it is to get 2 kids ready to head out lol, let alone myself getting dressed...double ugh! 

So I decided I would start making it at home! Last week I just bought some random Vanilla Chai and Caramel Syrup and it was good but it wasn't the same. So this week I looked up what they use in their Chai tea and found that they sell it on their website and you can do a subscription so they will deliver it every so often (you choose how often) and I am all about subscriptions (AMAZON MOM is the bomb dot com ladies) so we will see how it goes....

I ordered this...

Chai Tea Latte Concentrate by Tazo Tea (64-oz.)

((I also surfed Amazon thinking they might be cheaper but it was cheaper from Starbucks))

and this...
Starbucks Caramel Syrup with Pump by Starbucks Coffee (1-L.)
(not going to lie...I already had some caramel syrup from last week but I wanted the darn pump with it! haha)

So hopefully it will taste a little more like the real thing! I cannot wait to get it delivered to my door...YIPPIE! Now I can have my Chai whenever the urge hits! (every hour if need be!) 

I made reference to Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save above and that is where I get ALL my diapers and wipes, they are 30% off and FREE DELIVERY (takes 1 or 2 days MAX)! Which means NO more boxes of diapers and wipes in my grocery cart! You cannot beat it! I also use their subscriptions for Mum Mums for Luke, Paper Towels and Laundry Soap! I LOVE IT...I am a little addicted to online shopping but you CANNOT beat the discount. 

For example I order Luke the Luvs Size 3-204 count diapers
Originally 38.99 and with Subscribe and Save they are 24.18 delivered free to my door! 

Plus I get a high off of having a LOT of one thing in makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to look in my pantry and see not 1 not 2 but 10 rolls of paper towels! lol I guess that is the excitement you find being a SAHM (product hoarder)! Also a huge thing is you can stop the subscription WHENEVER you want, like when I ordered laundry soap I just signed up to get the discount (it was like 30% at one point) and I got enough for a year lol so I cancelled that subscription the same day after ordering. So check it out mommas!

Hope you all have a great day! Off to take care of my little men. Vincent woke up with 104.4 temp and Lukes temp also decided to spike up again...good thing I am feeling a tad better.xoxo


  1. So I'm curious...what are these "mum mum" things you always rave about? I've never heard of them!

  2. Chelsea I never heard of them until a month or so ago...they are just little wafers for babies, but luke loves them. They dissolve like puffs do, but he eats them like crazy! Def worth it for your little peanut when he or she comes!