Oh Bachelor...

I have a slight obsession with reality television...((I LOVE IT!))

 The past few seasons I have read the spoilers and they have been dead on, and I of course read before this season started that Chantal was the winner! I decided to watch anyway, and I of course always get attached to the people in the show! I tried my best to like Chantal, she seems like a sweet girl but I am seriously pulling for Emily to win! Also Ashley seems a tad immature to me, I keep wondering how awkward it is that she is a dentist and took her top off  for the swimsuit photo shoot...how could you have your teeth cleaned by her and not be judging her! lol 

 I read that Reality Steve was supposedly wrong and that Emily is the winner... I guess we will see in the weeks to come but I think she is such a classy lady! Her story made me cry, I can not imagine how she handled it all after her fiancée died and she found out she was pregnant! She totally deserves an amazing man and father figure to her little girl! They are so freaking cute!

Who else is an Emily Fan??

Also, rumor has it that Kendra Wilkinson is on Dancing with the Stars, if so count me in! I LOVE KENDRA! I hope she is on it and kicks butt! lol


  1. Wahooo! I knew I liked you. Team Emily all the way!!! I hope she will be the lady Brad chooses in the end. She just seems like a genuine sweet girl. I'm soooo obsessed w/ that darn show!

    Kendra would be awesome on my other fav show, Dancing with the Stars! Can you tell by my excitement, I need to get out more...? Lol.

  2. Great blog!
    new follower from MBC.


  3. I am so addicted to reality TV too :-) I am not keeping up with Bachelor but "Go Kendra" ... if she's on I will totally be watching!!!

  4. I love that show! I really hope Brad chooses Emily. I think Chantal is a nice person but I think Emily would be better for him!!! GO Emily!

  5. I must confess now...that the show is over..

    My sister in law is one of Emily's best friends...I was pulling for her too...