Preparing for Guests!

I love having guests over at our house, it gives me a reason not only to clean (ugh) but to BAKE! :) My parents are coming for the weekend, and my brother and his wife are also coming to visit! It is so nice that my brother and I now live in the same town so my parents can kill two birds with one stone and visit us both at the same time! Tonight we are going to bake a ton of homemade pizzas, my brother has been experimenting to find the perfect crust and I am going to make my new Chicago style crust, we will have a friendly little competition! I will make sure to take lots of pictures because I am also making this really good Chicken and Corn pizza my brother loves! I also have my Chicago Pizza Recipe coming in a few days! (Hope you like pizza!)

Anyways here is what I made yesterday when the boys were napping (AT THE SAME TIME!!!! never happens!)

My dad loves Chocolate and my brother loves Peanut Butter so the Reese Cup cake is the perfect mixture!
Plus this is my husbands favorite cake as well!

Is your mouth watering?? Mine has been since yesterday...I wanted so badly to eat a piece last night but I fought the urge and had cereal instead for a snack...clearly not nearly as yummy!

I have posted the recipe before but here it is again! 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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