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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snotty, sick and yucky.

Those are the words to describe Luke and I! My little sinus situation started at the end of last week with an annoying pressure headache and is now full blown into hacking up the most disgusting lumps of snot ever. I was praying neither of the boys would get it, but poor little Luke did, and yesterday for the past two days we have been battling his 104.5 fever, his snot has thickened up and he hates the nose sucker...don't you wish they could just blow their little noses to help release the goo? Needless to say we are doing nothing this week. Which is perfect snce our 50 degree spring like weather just turned to an ice and snow covered mess. So were praying Vincent doesn't join us on the sick train and praying it doesn't get worse....

I was just tooting our horn to my mom the other day saying how excited i was that we had all yet to be sick this past year (note to self, knock on wood after such bold statements!) Crud! Being sick sucks...


  1. The snot sucker has been put to use at our house too. My youngest HATES that thing so much. Boo for sickies!

  2. We're going through the same thing. It's allergies for us. Everytime the weather changes drastically, we get hit. I'm so sick of blowing my nose, not being able to hear, and having to take care of sick kids when I'm sick myself!

  3. So sorry to hear you two aren't feeling well... this weather is so yuckky and i'm SO over it! hope you guys get plenty of rest and get better... SOON!

  4. You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award! See this link for info --

  5. Ugh I hope you and L feel better soon. I'm on the sick train with you so I feel your pain, although I don't have any little ones I have to attend to while being sick! Will be praying you all feel better soon!


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