Wordless...Friday! iPad Lovers & a Winner!

I missed Wordless Wednesday so I am making it Wordless Friday-aka- I am too lazy to post today! lol Sorry the picture is crummy quality since I took it with my cell phone! There is a cool app on the iPad that you can record your voice for Disney stories, Vincent knows how to click to turn the pages, so we recorded a Toy Story book for them. 

Luke loves the iPad and I wish I could just let him play with it but I know I would come back to a puddle of drool on the screen so he has to be monitored heavily haha! If only there was something that would catch the drool coming out of his mouth...that would be nice! 

Anyways...Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!!

Almost forgot....ding, ding, ding...we have a WINNER!!

Jenny said...

Love the bond over baking set...too cute

Congrats Jenny, I will email you today for contact info!! 

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  1. This is my new desktop background. Grandpa said he thinks that you and Jordan are going to have your hands full with those two :)