You know your a mom when...

You are jumping up and down clapping like a crazy person screaming "YAY POO POO" when your 21 month old looks at you and says "poo poo" then makes the *I'm pooping* face (you know the one where they turn beat red) and grunts, then proceeds to go #2 in his diaper, we both squeal and run around, he then proceeded to lay down while I ran to get a diaper and we changed it, and continued on with our happy time! Just recently he has been laying down, no questions asked when he thinks it is time for a diaper change, he just looks at me like "Hey mom I peed in this thing and want a new one"...

we are totally onto something...

I must say I am a little over excited to buy BIG BOY undies, they are SO STINKING cute!  I think it may be more exciting then a trip to Victoria Secrets! ha! I love having reasons to head off to Baby Gap! Thank you potty training!!....

Am I the only crazy one out there who gets super pumped for BIG BOY underwear shopping??

**HOLY MOLY, I just re-read this post and have to point out little Vincent is not a 21 month old....he just turned 22 months today lol! Great mom skills!:) That second birthday is creeping up **


  1. Yeah Potty Training. Hope it continues to go well.

    Boys underwear is one of the few things which is so much cuter than the girls.

  2. yayayayaya! i agree big boy underwear is just adorable!

  3. Not to hurry my son along or anything, but, I can't wait for big boy underwear because it means no more diapers! He's just about to turn 19 months so I still have a little ways to go. Good luck with potty training!

    Found you on Bloggy Moms!

  4. Potty training is a fun adventure!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following me! You are too cute!


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  6. You are definitely not the only one that gets excited over big boy underwear shopping. Not only are they cute, but they mean something BIG is coming up... NO MORE DIAPERS! We're in the process of weaning my son off the pull-ups... I'll be able to buy a second house with the money we'll save once he uses a toilet.
    Great blog, new MBC follower!

  7. My little guy is 13 months and I can't WAIT for the potty training days either! New follower from MBC!

  8. Soon you'll know every bathroom in every store. You'll find yourself repeating "Do you have to go potty?" bout a 1000 times a day. Rushing like an Olympic sprinter across stores chanting "hold it in!" past strangers to the closest bathroom.
    But it sure as heck beats changing another diaper. Congrats on your exciting potty adventures!!

    (From MBC)

  9. I feel ya sister! We are going to be beginning in the adventures of potty training VERY soon. Agree ^, those lil underoos are surely on my "cutest thing ever" list! Now I can't wait to go shopping. Lol. Thanks for the sweet comment on my new blog. I'm just starting out, & I love it. Good luck momma!

  10. When Cam got to wear big boy undies he wanted to wear boxer briefs!!! You have to see a little boy running around in those!! It's just too cute!