I decided that since I was a few weeks late on Luke's 6 month post that I would make sure to post his 7 month post on the exact day.

So Happy 7 months to Luke!! 

He is obviously about the same as he was a few weeks ago, not much new in baby world. He is getting super close to crawling, which is a little nerve-racking since once he crawls they will both be on the move! Should be getting a little more interesting around here. I was so excited last week he was doing much better at sleeping but the past few days he has been a mess at night, waking up all the time so I am not sure if he is teething or not but I am guessing it will be coming soon! 

His attitude has been so insanely happy and giddy since he turned 6 months! It is so fun and nice! He is also able to entertain himself in the exersaucer or playing on the floor! He is laying right beside me as I type this squawking and smiling kicking his legs like a mad man! Here are a few pictures from the other day! 

Hello Chubby Belly!! :)

Loving his baby blues!

Happy Sunday...and Happy 7 months Dukie!! 


  1. love those little lips in the last picture!!! awwwww....

  2. He is SO adorable. The last picture is my favorite! Those eyes. He's gonna be a lady-killa!