Candy Heaven!

I have been on the search for finding the coolest candy for Vincent's Candy and Dessert Table for his 2nd Birthday Party! I had my order ready to go on Oriental Trading for some fun retro candy, that is until my mom said she heard there was a cool retro candy store right here in town! Earlier this week we went to check it out....

It was a small store on the corner...smaller than I expected but when we opened the doors it was like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...okay not that cool...but it was CANDY HEAVEN!

The walls and shelves were stocked from the floor to the ceiling...

I got a ton of these for the Candy Buffet! I LOVE THESE!

I had to get a few packs of smokes...candy cigarettes, my best friend and I used to think we were SO COOL when we bought these at the town market as kids! 

These are giant Whirly Pops, I got the smaller ones for Vincent's cute!

I had a blast picking and choosing exactly what would work perfect for the party. They had EVERYTHING and more! I bought a ton of Salt Water Taffy and I am trying my best to stay out of it so there is plenty for the party...I am guessing i should not have bought the candy this early. I just wanted to be prepared in case I had to order online vs buying in the store. 

We are doing a "Monster" Easter Egg Hunt at Vincent's Party , but not filling the eggs with candy, instead they will pick the candy they want from the candy buffet, talk about killing two birds with one stone...

Plus candy looks cuter in glass jars than inside of plastic eggs right....haha

It is so CRAZY to believe that this little man will be TWO in less than a month..

It seriously makes me want to cry how QUICKLY he has grown...but we are having oh so much fun learning and playing everyday. I love hearing him talk! It is so freaking adorable!

I cannot wait to celebrate his birthday with all of our family and friends!

Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!! xoxo
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  1. OMG! that place looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Oh I would be in SO much trouble there!! Hope he has a good birthday!!

  3. love that last pic of V! so cute. PS all that cady looks super yummy right now!

  4. The ultimate way to set your wedding, birthday or company occasion apart is with a candy buffet. A candy buffet is both unique and delicious- it involves a touch of attractive magic and will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

  5. Great pics! I love retro candy stores. I buy a few pieces just to take my back to "that time". thanks for sharing - I want to go to that store...

  6. Haha! Dominique loves candy cigarettes!

  7. When we lived in Cleveland there was a candy store on brookpark road that I used to go to for all my unique candy! i still go up there and will be back soon as I get ready for Lilly's 5th Birthday party - Candy Land!! I love candy stores like that!! ;)

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