Congrats Fondue Style

A few weeks ago Jordan's brother TJ found out where he will be doing his residency as a surgeon. In medical school they do a whole match process where the students pick their top choices for where they would like to attend their residency and in return the hospitals also pick the doctors they would like to have in their units. Well that Monday he found out that he did indeed have a match, then it was a waiting game until Wednesday at the ceremony that he actually found out exactly where he would be going...I can not even imagine the stress and anxiety this whole process causes so many medical students. Anyways he got one of his top 3 choices which is amazing! We are sad he will not be as close as he is now but he will only be a few hours away! In a few short months he has told us we have to address him as Doctor TJ...HAHA

We celebrated his birthday and matching that weekend at The Melting Pot! It was perfect because they are usually super busy and they gave us a private room with a huge projection screen and we ate and watched football! Plus since the meal has 4 very long courses (3 hrs or more) and we had the little men with us it was great that we had our own room so they could run around and do as they please in between courses, if it had not been for that room the dinner would have been a sheer nightmare! Here are some pictures from the night (taken with my old for the quality!)! 

 Loved chewing on the granite...
 This was the best picture of us 4 we could get haha! 
 Best part of dinner...YUMMMO


Uncle TJ is also Vincent's Godfather which is why Vincent is learning his doctor skills early! 

Congrats again Uncle/Doctor TJ!!


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