Craftastic- Vincents Monster Shirt!!

I set out today on a mission to complete Vincents party shirt! I had saw some of the cutest shirts on etsy for almost 30 bucks....


  I figured I would be able to pull them off by myself.. and make them a little more personal for my little men! 
and I am SHOCKED that I did!! 

Here is my finished product!

I am going to make Luke's later this week! They will have similar monster shirts for the party!

 Hubbs said I should sell them on my etsy site but I am not sure yet! Maybe after my party planning settles down, but for now I am happy with the boys having their own special mom made shirts!!
 I think they are the worlds cutest thing!

I cannot wait to put Vincent in this shirt!



  1. Adorable! I wouldn't pay 30 bucks for a shirt either!

  2. Very cute! I totally thought of you yesterday when I was at Target because I saw all sorts of monster themed party accessories, lol. And I definitely think you should branch out and start selling more things in your shop. Put those sewing skills to good use!

  3. Allie you rock! As my jax would say... so toot (cute)! Jax's 2nd party was all Yo Gabba Gabba, & I made all the party stuff too, shirts and all. (Very cute stuff on etsy, but thought all the YGG licensed things were a bit cheesy) Love the monster theme. I made the cutest "Happy Birthday Jax" banner. A monster one would be adorable! Ok... I'll stop now. lol. Byeee.

  4. awwww V is going to look SO CUTE in that shirt!

  5. Those are crazy cute! Good job and I bet he can't wait to wear it. Thanks 4 stopping by Allie!

  6. WOW! That shirt is freakin' awesome! You did an amazing job!!

  7. That's so clever! Is it stitched on or done with fabric glue? I really should do crafts like this. So cute!

  8. That is so cute! Have a great night! :)

    Mama Hen