I've got answers!

I love reading question and answer posts, it helps you to get to know eachother so much better in the blogging world! Thanks again for your wonerful questions!! Here we go~!

How many kids do you and your hubby want to have?
Are you planning on another child, if so, when? 
If it was up to Jordan we would be the next Duggars...
BUT thats not my style...not sure I have enough patience for that one.
Mad props to you Michelle Duggar!
It seriously all depends on the gender of our next child, that sounds horrible
but I would LOVE to have a little girl at some point.
I need some PINK in this HOUSE!
 I do not think I will go past 4 kids, I think that may be my limit, but you never know what could happen. We are so young that I have NO IDEA what the future holds in our baby making world!
But 3-4 sounds perfect to me
I am thinking maybe after the half marathon in October that we may start trying again.
We will see!! :)

Where did you and your husband meet?
 It was fate...haha 
But seriously I was working at Express at the register staring off and in walks Jordan with my coworker Harold.
I thinkmy jaw dropped and I started drooling!
I immediately got all giddy and chatty and grabbed my walkie talkie and told someone to send Harold over to meet me in the fitting room lobby ASAP.
Well Harold came and met me and I started asking all types of questions
 and I said "I HAVE TO MEET HIM!”
  We came up with a sly plan that I would walk over to the mens side store and bump into them!
So I strutted over there and Harold introduced me to Jordan.
 I said hello and that it was nice to meet him and told him to have fun shopping!
When they were done they came to my register to check out and we chatted for a second.
My face was probably bright red.
So that was that, I knew he was something special the moment I saw him!
 I texted Harold that night and we decided that I would come over to their place to watch a game a few days later. It was a perfect plan, but when the day came I was so exhausted from working all day at Express then coaching cheerleading that night that I cancelled.
I am shocked Jordan did not write me off then and there
((He has a tendency to not put up with that kind of stuff))
 We decided I would come over the next day and we would all go to dinner.
He must have liked me to give me a second chance haha!
Well the rest is pretty much history.
 After that night we were inseparable and here we are today!!
Married. In Love. With 2 ADORABLE dudes.
 Sorry that was LONG!

I still am SO thankful that I started working at Express.
 The funny thing is I did not need to work there
 I was already a full time nanny and coaching cheerleading
But one day when I was at the mall I was shopping there
and thought I would love to have a discount from working here!
 I never thought in a million years it would have lead me to find my husband!
All within less than 3 months.
Moral of the story. Get a job at Express haha!

What hopes and dreams do you have for your family over the next 5 years?
I am totally stumped.
If you would have asked me 5 years ago I would have said
Settle down. Get Married. And Have kids.
Well I have crossed all those off and am COMPLETELY HAPPY!
I just hope and pray for us to all be safe and healthy.

My dreams are for us to raise amazing young men
With great manners and morals
To find an amazing school for them to attend
((The whole school thing freaks.me.out right now!))
So I am really hoping to find the perfect one for them in the coming years.

But all in all I guess I do not have a great answer.
Just lots of LOVE, and time spent together building memories

2. What are you doing for Lent this year?
I gave up Facebook lol.
I feel like that was a simple one but I added things to do as well.
I am horrible at saying the rosary, we do it during night prayers
But when Jordan travels I sometimes…
So my number one priority is a daily rosary!

Jordan and I are also focusing more on US.
We have an amazing marriage but sometimes all we talk about
Is the kids…
Which is a given since we are PARENTS!LOL
But we are taking a few minutes each day to talk about US
And focus on places we feel we can improve on
our communication or places we feel we excel at!

What is your earliest memory?
This is Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.
I am not sure how old I was but I was young 2 or 3ish.
We were swimming at my Grandma and Grandpas.
All of us were in the shallow end of the pool.
I was playing on the stairs holding the railing.
All I remember is going under when no one was really looking.
It was not for a long period of time
Maybe a few seconds.
And I can not remember which parent or family member dove in or jumped to get me.
But I totally remember that.
I was fine but clearly I had to wear the water wings when I was ANYWHERE near the pool.

What scares you the most?
I hate talking about this one.
 ANYTHING happening to my children
I am so PROTECTIVE of them and our family.
Also it terrifies me to no end to be away from them
If something were to happen to Jordan or I
I never WANT to be without them or have them grow up with us.
Okay I am crying, but seriously
This game we call life becomes a whole lot more serious
The moment you bring a child into the world.
I love them with every ounce of my being and
Pray everyday for us to be safe and sound

How is it going with two little ones running around? 
How hard is 2 under 2?
There is never a dull moment.
At first it was INSANE.
I seriously did not know what to do.
I was nervous to be alone with them lol
But as the days past I got into the groove of things
Now it is like clockwork
I sit here and CANNOT imagine only having one child.
It just seems so weird that it was once that way.
It is exciting every day to watch the two of them bond.
Each morning Vincent is so EXCITED to see Luke.
It melts my heart! 
And each day Luke's personality grows and grows.
It is crazy how different they are.
I will say that since they are so CLOSE in age that Vincent never had a problem
with having a sibling, or any jealousy.
I think in his eyes Luke has always been here! lol

2 under 2 is not bad at all. 
It is more of an adjustment than anything
Learning to share your attentions and time.
The BONUSES outweigh the craziness.
I would not change a thing!! 

What does your husband do?
My husband is a salesman! He sells analytical equipment to companies.
If I tried to explain it I would totally butcher it.
So its easier to say, he is in sales.
I love hearing him talk to clients, he is so great at his job!
He is such a people person and so caring!
Another bonus is the job also has a lot of perks that we don't mind! 


  1. Thanks so much for the info about you! Thanks for following me as well.
    Be sure to check out my blog in the next couple of weeks to learn about some great businesses and some awesome giveaways!

  2. I loved reading this!! That is such a cute story about how you and your husband met!

    And hey, I love your answer for how you handle "2 under 2". I can't wait to have another baby. :)

  3. Great answers!

    I swear, we are like long lost twins or something because my husband is in sales too, but his job is kind of a pain to explain, so I always just tell people "he's in sales!". Lol. Could we be anymore alike?!?

  4. great answers!
    3-4 kids... sounds great! and i couldn't agree with you more... we are so young, who knows how many kiddos will come around.... but 4 has been my max as well. And we plan on trying around october/november... maybe we will be prego at the same time!
    love your story of how you met :)

  5. We have 3 kids at our house but none together. Never thought I would say 4 but I would love to have a child with my husband. (we both have kids from previous relationships)

  6. Hi there, I'm your newest follower. Here from a friend of a a friend! I love your header, such a beautiful photo. It really speaks volumes!

  7. Those are such FUN answers Allie! Great getting to know you more.

  8. Hey lady! I Looove this question and answer thingee-m-bob! Your story of how ya met your hubby is oh so sweet! Great way to get to know ya better!

    How about that darn bachelor??

    I was SO happy when he proposed to the right girl. (Whahooo... go team Emily!) Then watching the after show, it just made me so sad. I could go on & on, but I can see how she would feel watching the show back.BUT... the dude LOVES her tons! BUUUT, I think there's stuff they're not talking about too. Hopefully the engagement will go through, if it's the right thing) Wow! Gonna stop now, I need to get out more. Lol.