Luke vs Blueberries and Yogurt


  1. HahahahahahHA... This boy likes him some yogurt! Can those lil chubby wubbie cheekies get any tooter? Heck no. (sorry, can't help the baby talk, when it come's to freakn ADORABLE chubsters) OMGosh, LOVE the little dude T!

    Speaking of T-shirts, you're just the sweetest. Thanks girly, I'll take you up on the monster-t for sure. Can't wait to see Vincents party pics! I know it will be FAB! Love the Candy bar idea too, btw.

    Lol... I don't just leave ya a comment, I leave a novel. Just too much awesomeness to discuss! Hehehe.


  2. Love them ALL! He looks so coy. Clearly he is a good eater :-)