Meet our newest family member....

Okay this family member is not REALLY a family member but it might as well be. Meet our new friend Cougar 2. We have been wanting a jogging stroller so that we can take the boys on runs with us while we train for our half marathon. My husband has been researching these since well before we even planned on running a half marathon. He surely did his research and picked out the coolest most bad ace one!

This monster on a jogger is so intense that their is a roll cage built in, sweet shock absorbers and can NO joke convert to any activity we could ever want to do.

 (Jogging, Bicycling, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking and the regular Strolling!) 

I mean seriously cross country skiing?! Not sure that we will venture to that but at least we have the option!

We spent Saturday up at a local REI testing her out and comparing her to another jogger (the BOB), at the end of the day there was not much comparison since we like the versatility of the Chariot Cougar 2. Anyways after trying her out we made the decision to bring her home with us and make her one of our own! haha

Meet Cougar 2....
(We have yet to name her but I like the sound of Carla the Cougar)

Luke LOVED it, he was talking the entire time!


There is a cover to not allow the wind to blow on them which was key this weekend because it was very windy! I cannot wait to take her everywhere with us. The only downside is that she is wide so we will have keep big bertha (double stroller) for malls and shopping trips to squeeze through aisles. 

I hope the boys enjoy the new get up as much as we do! If you are looking for a jogger I totally would suggest this one. Also REI offers a lifetime warranty if ANYTHING were to break or go wrong...DOUBLE BONUS! CHA CHING!

Hope you are all having an amazing week! Enjoy the spring weather...FINALLY!!



  1. Haha... I love that it has a roll cage! Do you and Jordan lose control while running often!?!

  2. Sweet jogging stroller!

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of double stroller do you have? We have been looking for double strollers and can't really find one we like. Just e-mail me if you want:

  3. Haha Jennifer it's meant for the biking option if in case of an accident lol I pray we never need to utilize it but just in case!

    Chelsea I will email you my love!

  4. I love that stroller! Great find! I don't have any babes yet, but I'm a bit of a runner and have had my eye on a couple jogging strollers. :D

    I see you're starting half marathon training--congrats! Keep up the good HARD work. I have never done more than 6 or 7 miles and i just got over that hump last summer. It was a mental game. I love the pink shoes btw!

  5. I had a Cougar 1, but am expecting again at Christmas.... so glad to hear that you love the Cougar 2... it's pretty much solidified my plan to buy it!