Rebel, Rebel....Photo Heavy!

I cannot help but sing that David Bowie song when I think of the word rebel. Not sure why but anyways we just upgraded our camera! I have been longing for this day and it finally came on Sunday! I have been longing for something with better quality since we became parents, I felt like our old point and shoot was not capturing all the precious moments, it was obviously capturing pictures but they would be blurry or just not my idea of "perfect". Anyways that is where the Rebel xs comes in! A lot of bloggers have a Canon Rebel and I would drool over the quality in their pictures! 

Yesterday I tested our new toy out all day and I was in SHOCK AND AWE at what I was seeing before my eyes! The camera kicks total butt! It takes pictures so insanely fast and the quality is amazing! I feel like I will never miss a moment with the rebel by my side! HAHA Jordan better watch out the rebel is stepping on his territory! 

We are going to Charleston in a month or so and visiting plantations so I cannot wait to get pictures of ALL the beauty and also the boys playing at the BEACH!! I seriously pretend that I am a photographer now! My friend Chrissy is by far the best photographer ever so I was stealing her moves of getting down on the floor and taking pictures from all angles! I have only played with the pre-set settings but I cannot wait to play with it in other modes. But for now I am more than happy with the purchase! I am totally going to work on sewing myself a bad ace camera strap cover!! :)

Anyways here are some pictures from my shooting yesterday...

Nothing crazy or fancy just us in our normal daily routine...

 Seriously Mom??

 I love me some BABY FEET!!
 Vern Pup howling..funniest thing ever!! He does it every time there is a siren going off...

 BIG BOY!!!!! Vincent also says "Booog Booooooyyyy!"

 The kids playset is also Jordans workout set lol! 
I told him the neighborhood high school girls probably love this "hot dad who works out with his shirt off"! haha Granted we did just get back from a long run! :) 

 Luke is so CLOSE to crawling...he can basically scoot everywhere though...ahhhhh! 

Vincent climbs the ladder alone!! 
 Made it to the top SAFE AND SOUND....WHEW!!
 Little goof! 
 Slide time!

As you can see I am a little obsessed with the photo taking situation right now! I am just excited to learn more about the camera! If you have any tips let me know, like I said I am just using the pre-set modes and have not ventured far into the manual settings! Any suggestions would be superb!!

Hope you all have a good day, it's raining here...totally sucks since yesterday it was sunny and 60!

Until next time! xoxo


  1. Awesome pictures!!! Love them! I love my rebel :)

  2. I love my Rebel!!! Take some time to check out your manual settings. When you take the pictures on the manual settings you have to adjust a lot when the sun is setting, BUT if you have your settings right you can do so many more beautiful effects!
    The pictures are wonderful!

  3. I've been wanting to learn photography and got a Rebel at Christmas. There is SO MUCH to learn, but I'm loving it!

  4. love the pics and great to know of a camera suggestion, i've been wanting a new one for a while!!

  5. Love Love LOVE the pictures so happy for you with your new camera!!!! As it gets warmer I think I'm going to start doing some "photo tips" posts!

  6. BABY FEET! *swoons* This post definitely increased my second-baby fever. Adorable!

  7. Love the Rebel. A fancy camera is at the top of my list. Absolutley beautiful shots momma! I'm so excited to see all your vacation pics to come. I hear ya... Love my reality tv too. I'm super excited for the bachelorette to start, & pretty pumped for bachelor pad. Then yep, gotsta love the real-housewives. Thank God for dvr's!

  8. Ok yah yah I am supposed to be looking at the pictures thinking about the Rebel but I just can't look past the grass! See here in FL the grass sucks. I swear you can stand on it and it wont indent, its not soft and it gives new meaning to rolling in the grass cause you cant!!! Please package it up and send it to me :)