The running kicks....

Awhile ago I posted about the half marathon we are running in October. 

Here are the shoes we are working with....

I bought the hot pink Saucony Kinvaras, I needed something bright and cheerful to make this whole running thing funner (that isn't a word but go with it!!)
Saucony Women's ProGrid Kinvara Shoe
They are not only bright but the most comfortable shoes EVER! They are so light weight and breathable with a mesh covering...because lets face it your feet sweat and get stinky! And I do not want to be packing stinky shoes in my bag for this trip!

This is what Jordan is rocking...
The Five Fingers...and at times he will run barefoot as well! I love the stares he gets when we are out in public in these! But he LOVES them and it is so great for your feet! He also feels like he is a NINJA in them haha so that is another bonus for him! 

Well, there are the shoes we are working with for our half marathon, I think we chose some really great shoes, I am praying they hold up nice through all the training! 

Since it is finally NICE outside we have started running a few times a week. We have a nice loop in the subdivision that is a mile, so we have been doing a mile every other day or so. This has been the FIRST time in my life that I have not had anxiety about running, Jordan is such a great coach and helps me through running! It also helps to have the dog or the kids with us for a distraction but I am happy to say I can now run a mile without dying! WOOHOO! It is a big deal for me since I have not ran a mile since I cheered in college (and I HATED it then), so the fact that I am running a mile without being "forced" to is a big deal. 

Now, what about those other 12 or so miles...


I try not to think about them....


All I keep telling myself is..."weekend in Vegas, weekend in Vegas, weekend in Vegas!!" I think that is what will get me through it! 

Another thing that will get me through it is watching the scale drop, I lost 5 lbs this last week! INSANE! I love seeing my body get back to normal (if that is possible after 2 kids) but I will take what I can get! haha Only 5 more pounds to go until I am at my normal weight...perfect time for summer...although I think I am going to be making a switch to a one piece! I never thought I would say that but I am digging these vintage pin up girl style swim suits!! I must say one-pieces can still be hot!

I have yet to find the perfect one but I need to ASAP, we just booked our hotel in the Carolinas for May, which is FAST approaching! 

Until next time say a prayer for me to not die when we start running MORE than a mile! haha I just need to get over the anxiety of it and KNOW that my body can and will run! 


  1. I can't wait to see your pictures!! That camera was by far the best purchase we have made in a long time! It's a lifetime investment.

    I'm already starting to understand the camera a little better but I have a lot to learn! Chrissy's going to give me a crash course in manual mode in May when we go to visit and I'm going to try and take some maternity pictures of her! I'm really excited.

    By the way, I totally want to take up running again! There is some squishiness on my body that hasn't been there before! Like...back fat. And arm jiggle.
    Not attractive.

    Also, love the swimsuit!
    Okay, I'm done with my novel!

  2. Love the shoes! I've always wondered if people liked those 'glove' like shoes. Congrats on your progress and I'm sure you'll rock your swimsuit. Cheers to your daily Tattie Wattae :0

  3. wow! 5 pounds in a week and only 5 pounds to go! awesome! I have about 10 pounds to lose and it's quite a battle.

    I'm glad I found your blog via Haley's. Your writing is great, your family is beautiful.

  4. I use to edit my photos. We did have photoshop but our computer crashed a few weeks ago so now I have to use that and it works really well! And a lot of the features are free on there! I hope we can get photoshop back sometime though because I miss it. Also I think you can go to and they have a free adobe editor on there that does the basic things photoshop does! Have fun with the camera! I use it everyday!

  5. Is all this advice going to allow me to watch the Golf Channel, as it always comes up with needing Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Support