Splish Splash

One of my favorite times of the day is bath time! It used to be the MOST terrifying time of the day before Luke could sit up well! I used to have to juggle Vincent bathing and holding squirmy Luke still while trying to wash them both down!

 But now the boys just play and play and PLAY! It is perfect! Luke loves to lay down and kick his little legs like crazy! Having Luke in the water has loosened Vincent up a little bit, for the past few months V has been terrified of the water and would only stand during baths, now he is letting loose again splashing like crazy!~

Plus I love the smell of their hair after baths....HEAVEN!! Method sqeaky green smells amazing...it has mallow in it which smells like marshmallows...YUMMMMMMMO! Or Johnsons and Johnsons Apple Honey....both are to die for...I may even use their lotion on myself!! haha 

Method Hair &BDY WSH,BABY,RCE MLK 8 oz

Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash LQ 15oz Hny APL

And while we are on the topics of baths...these toys are the bomb!


We got a set of 4 at Costco this Christmas and I cannot find the set anywhere online but here is a single one...
You wind them up and they glide across the water and squirt! You can also use them on the floor! 

Anyways happy bathing to you and yours! lol xoxo


  1. lol they look like they are having tons of fun!

  2. I just adore bath time - I only wish my boys were close in age so they could enjoy it together! I'm following from BloggyMoms - hope you'll stop by and say hello TheCaffeineCoquette.com

  3. Awww... such cute little love bugs you have! Bathtime is a big favorite at our house too.I end up just as wet most times. Also, we freakn love the Johnson's honey apple!

  4. I just bought honey apple the other day and LOVE it! Your boys look like they're having so much fun! Cute pics!

  5. Luke was a slippery little baby, when I watched them, I could hardly keep my hands on him as he slipped around the bathtub so much. V was good in the tub, did not want to get out, he cried when Grandma took him out. But he was turning into a prune. They both look so cute in the tube.

    Love and kisses to all.

  6. Oh my mommy goodness those pictures are absolutely priceless. LOVE!! We need to set a play date stat.

  7. omg. that has got to be the cutest thing in the world! your two boys are just so adorable... makes me want to have another one, asap, just so they can splish splash in the tub together!

  8. OH NO I keep thinking about a second kid but I totally did not think about how it will effect things as simple as bath time. And marshmallows, may have to check that stuff out.