"Thaaaat ME!!!"

Vincent LOVES pointing out Jordan and I in pictures, he even points out "Du Du" ((Luke)), but this week I wanted him to learn what to say when he pointed to himself.

So I said "Vincent say THATS ME!"
Well the video shows HOW INSANELY adorable him saying it is....


I love LOVE love LOVE love it!!

I probably ask him 10 times a day! I just crack up!


We have had a crazy past few days! Yesterday we headed home to our old town, I had a dentist appointment and we visited our friends and also the family I used to nanny for! It was a long day but the boys did great and handled the 5 hour round trip drive great!

Today the boys and I took another drive and headed to REI because a coupon came out that we could use from our jogger purchase last week! I was happy to get 120 bucks back from the price ajustment! Another bonus was the store that is located beside REI. My beloved Whole Foods.... so we grocery shopped there quick, we do not have one in our new city so ANY chance I get to grocery shop there is a must! OH how I miss that store, I stocked up on some olives from their amazing olive bar...YUMMMMM! 

After that we drove to the outlet mall because this weekend Gap has 30% off, all their stores do! If you need the coupon leave me your email and I will forward you it! I always stock up on stuff for the boys and I also got a cute dress for a summer wedding! 

We then came home and played outside....I am so HAPPY that spring is back! My parents are coming into town tomorrow to visit us for the weekend and I have been craving the irish cream brownies since I posted them this week so I of course had to make them! :) day

We have a FULL weekend with my parents coming, then we are going to Ikea with them tomorrow then dinner out with them and my brother and wife tomorrow night. Then come Sunday we are taking Jordan's brother TJ out for his birthday and to congratulate him! He is in medical school and got matched for his residency at one of his top choices, in a few months he will be a Doctor! Although I treat him as if he ALREADY is one, as I call him ALL THE TIME with questions, sorry TJ!! haha! But we are so excited for him and he will still be living somewhat close. I guess I did not mention we are going to The Melting Pot....DOUBLE FREAKING YUM....I should so take some Irish Cream Brownies in my purse and dip those bad boys in the chocolate fondue...HMMMM!:) 

Well this post turned out to be longer than I thought...I hope you LOVED the Vincent video, I laugh so HARD everytime he says that phrase! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


  1. That's funny that he says Du DU for Luke. My two year old used to make a slurping sound to say Luke! Have a great weekend w/your parents, how fun!

  2. That is so darn cute, I love DU DU for Luke since you call him Dukie. I have played the video three times this morning, and I am sure I will play it at least a dozen more times, have to play it for Grandpa. Have a fun weekend, see you tomorrow.

    Love to all.

  3. I did LOVE the V video! SO cute!!!!

  4. OMG. That is way too cute! :-)