Thank me later....

So this weekend for Vincent's party I made some killer meaty nacho dip with homemade tortillas, which are insanely tasty! While frying up the tortillas, we all thought how amazing would these chips be with cinnamon and sugar, well after Easter Vigil at almost midnight we fried some up! It was mostly a treat for my hubs because he fasted from Holy Thursday to Easter Vigil on Saturday night...I can not even IMAGINE not eating for one day! I have been pregnant or breastfeeding ever since I became Catholic so I have not really fasted.

Anyways way off topic...let's get back to business!


I know your mouth is watering right?....YUMMMM!

Here is what you will need:

Tortillas (fajita size, chopped into 4s)
Cinnamon & Sugar
2-4 cups of Oil, (I used corn oil because I had a ton of it!)

Heat your oil in a pan, for about 5-10 mins- to check out sprinkle some water in it, if it crackles you are ready to go! 

Drop in as many tortillas that will fit, get ready to flip within about 10 seconds, then allow to set for 10 seconds and plop them out onto a plate covered with paper towels, sprinkle immediately with cinnamon and sugar!
It may take a few time to get them perfect but once you get in the groove you will figure out how long they need to be in the oil for!!

I hope you love them as much as me! My husband about died when he ate them! They are so easy and tasty!

If your feeling a little frisky, sprinkle them with powdered sugar!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!

PS Vincent got a ton of play food for his birthday... how cute is this little box! 

Until next time. Stay Classy. xoxo

Vincent's Monster Bash

I could not have ask for a more PERFECT day for Vincent's party! It was pouring rain all weekend and it was supposed to rain Saturday..but it didn't (great prediction weathermen!) It was almost 70 and SUNNY! We had a "monster" egg hunt outside and all the kids played in the yard, we even opened the gifts outside! 

It ended up to be a picture perfect day for Vincent! I spent so much time Saturday morning making all the fun food for the party but I did not take any pictures of the cute food we had, I focused mostly on pictures of all the sweets and treats because let's face it, that's the best part of any party!

Here are pictures from the day...

ENJOY the picture overload! 


(I used shutterfly to upload my pics and it KILLED the quality...please tell me a good site to use! haha and when I first typed shutterfly I accidentally put shitterfly...woops)


Well there ya have it! I am too tired to type captions for all the use your imagination! haha!
PS If you didn't know my husband was a twin...look back and you will see it! Pink shirt man is not my hubs, its his twin Alex! But other than that I think they are all pretty self explanatory!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!! xoxo

PS Check out one of my favorite blogs From Mrs to Mama for a giveaway for a monster tee or onesie for your little one! We teamed up to do it starting tomorrow (Monday!), her daughter is the CUTEST thing ever and Becky is hilarious! ENJOY her and her blog!! 

It's TWOday!

Today is Vincent's Birthday party...I was so nervous all week because we have been getting non-stop rain, last night the lightning and thunder was so LOUD! I was praying all week for a sunny day for the party and it came! It is supposed to be 69 and SUNNY! Perfect weather for a monster bash! Anyways I am so excited to share the day with our friends and family and to watch my little monster have a blast! We will also be hosting Easter tomorrow so it should make for an interesting few days in our household! 

Here are a few snaps of some sweets and treats of the day...

Here is little man on his first birthday....crazy how time flies...

Well I am off to get a TON of things done....

Have an amazing weekend and Easter!! 



I never really chat on my blog about my religion, which is crazy since it is such a huge part of my life now.

I say now, because growing up I never really had much of a religion. Religion seriously intimidated me and I always envied the kids that knew more about church and God. Sundays in our family were alway sporadic as my parents were divorced so church was the last thing on the weekend agenda. Do not get me wrong I had amazing parents and a great upbringing but the one thing lacking was religion. We grew up in a small amish village (no joke it was so small it was considered a village...not even a stop light people) and there were a handful of churches mostly Mennonite and Methodist churches.

I would sometimes attend the little church in the center of the village with my grandparents, and I loved everything about it! The quaintness, warmth and aura of the church gave me a warm feeling.. My grandparents knew so many people in the church so it always felt very comforting to be at such an amazing place. I won't lie, I was so young I did not pay much attention. Which is probably where my problem of being so confused started.

On the other end of the religious spectrum my dad was married to a lady who I am not too fond of for a small period of time. She was one of those people who just went to church to say she went and to put on a little show (gag me!). She never had a reason for us to go or did we ever really talk about it to make sure I was understanding the teachings. Every other weekend when I was with them we would attend one of those MEGA churches, it had like a gazillion services, bright lights, projection screens and band style music. I felt like such a small fish is a huge sea. Not having much, if any of a religion walking into this place made it worse. I just felt so out of place and confused with everything around me. I did not feel like I was at home or at peace when I was there. That gave me a horrible taste in my mouth...

During college and through my adult years I was searching for the perfect church and religion for me. I knew that religion was something I wanted in my life. I knew that I wanted and needed God to be with me every moment of every day. My friend and I attended a young adult centered church service on Sunday nights, but it was deja vu all over again. The church was HUGE and it was like a rock concert with a few spurts here and there about God. I felt like I never really left with a FULL understanding of what was taught, I was always left wanting to know more.

Since I knew I wanted a religion I kept forth on my track to find the perfect fit for me. It is like finding the perfect dress, some may look amazing on your best friend, but you may look like a complete trainwreck in them. Religion is the same way. Some churches are a perfect fit for one person and vice versa. But so far I had not found my idea of perfect.

I tried another church with a coworker of mine, and needless to say I wanted to bury my head during service. The church was not really even a church, more of a social hall, there were a lot of "Praise the LORD" and "AMEN"s being spurted randomly during the service. It totally made me jump out of my seat. I was biting my nails the entire time. They also spoke in "tongues", which I HAD NO IDEA ever existed (I am from a small amish town remember). My co-worker was such an amazing person and I had such respect for her and her love for God, but it just was not for me.

When I met Jordan I was struck by his dedication to his faith in the Catholic church. I had been to a catholic church before and I must say I had never had a weird feeling during or after mass which is a good sign for me. Once we started dating I changed my work schedule so I could attend mass with him every Sunday. At first it was a little weird for me to wake up on Sundays and get in the routine of mass. That sounds so horrible to me now since it is the one day of the week I now look forward to!

There was something so natural about the mass, I got a warmth from those around me in saying the creed and professing our faith together as one. Of course at first I had NO IDEA what I was saying, it took me awhile to catch on but now it is second nature. I decided early in our relationship that I did want to make the conversion to becoming catholic...i guess if you can call it a conversion since I never really had a religion. I decided in the summer of 2008 to enroll in RCIA that fall at our new church.

I of course also found out about a month before RCIA started that I was pregnant with Vincent, so here I was entering the Church unmarried and pregnant, I was a tad nervous of what others would think to say the least. Jordan was my sponsor and helped me along my journey to being baptized. I learned EVERYTHING that I had always wanted to know about the religion, finally I was getting the knowledge! RCIA lasted from September all the way to Easter Vigil where my baptism took place. I was baptized and confirmed and received my first communion Easter of 2009, 2 years ago, the actual day Vincent was supposed to be due. The priest joked that we could have a double baptism if I went into labor! ha! (I was a BLIMP in my white robe...not my most flattering moment!)

It was such an amazing time for me to be welcomed into the church the week before I gave birth to my first son who we would also be raising Catholic. It was so surreal to me. I had found the perfect religion for myself, and most importantly for our children. I am so happy to have such an amazing foundation to raise the boys on. Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week now, it's not always perfect with 2 little ones in Mass but we make it through each and every week and slowly but surely Vincent is catching on! He kneels and folds his hands to pray, he does the sign of the cross and shakes hands for peace. It is by far the most rewarding feeling seeing our hard work pay of through the actions of our children.

I am happy and at peace with the decision I made to become Catholic a little over 2 years ago and I am so blessed with all the amazing people we have met through our churches.

Happy Birthday Vincent!!

Exactly 2 years ago I had just given birth to Vincent (8:59pm), there are not many days I remember every moment of, but that is one day that I do! I remember exactly how I felt that morning going to the hospital to be induced (waters broken), I was terrified, nervous and totally clueless about the events and hurdles that were to come that day! 

I remember the everything.

I remember the horrible pains of labor that followed, I remember walking the halls (or trying to walk the halls), I remember crouching in the shower hoping that the warm water would soothe my pain (what a horrid sight that had to be- it didn't help by the way!), I remember the OB on call insisting that I would need an epidural (which made me irate, what a B!), I remember my doula passing out cold during the pushing stage, I remember there being NO JOKE 20 people in the room to watch a natural delivery (you're welcome nursing students haha),I remember watching Vincent make his way down the canal in the mirror, I remember the exact minute he emerged from my body and let out that amazing scream which was a huge moment of relief, I remember my midwife placing him on my chest and me bawling like a baby at the sight of my beautiful baby boy! I remember Jordan and I hugging and clenching each other and the new life we welcomed.

It is still so hard for me to believe that just 2 years ago he was still inside my belly. He has grown leaps and bounds from this day 2 years ago. Last year he was still not walking and now he is sprinting around, jumping and doing somersaults, he speaks like a big boy and every time he says "mom or mama", I melt into a thousand pieces. I am more in love with him each and every day, he continues to make my heart grow to the point I have no clue how it even fits in my body! He is such a sweet and kind little boy, who loves his mommy, daddy and baby brother!

By the way if you ask Vincent how old he is, he says " Immmm DOOOOOOOO"! 

We did not too crazy of a day since were saving the real party for Saturday! We went to Jordan's dads office for a visit, the ladies of the office got Vincent some fun toys and a bubble machine (so sweet), then we just had dinner and a little ice cream cake, played and then cuddled during prayers. I then watched the video I made for Vincent's first birthday

*If the video is slow here is the click this link*

I now feel like a slacker for not making one for his 2nd birthday...we will see if I can find time the next few days! All in all it was a perfect night! 

And now the pics...

He chose the bear hat over the monkey a little sideways!

Grandpa's secretary gave Vincent a NEVER ENDING lasted from around 2pm...

All the way to the ride home at 4pm!
(does he not have the most gorgeous brown eyes...swoooooon)

He blew them out all by himself!!

Luke was digging the ice cream cake!
Loving the bubbles!
Puppy loving...

I am so excited for his party on Saturday...I just need to get my butt in gear, I have been sick all week and have been taking it easy but tomorrow I need to start baking and getting things in order for the monster bash!

I hope you all have an amazing week..I cannot wait to post pictures from the weekend festivities!!

Happy Birthday to my little dude!! xoxo

This little boy...

turns 2 in 4 days...

I can still remember 2 years ago I was waiting to go into labor, every tiny contraction I thought was the real deal. I ended up going a week over my due date, but all was perfect and well once he entered the world.

2 years later he is an independent little man! He climbs ladders and goes down the slide alone, sometimes he asks for help...which I LOVE because he still needs his mommy

 He learns new things every single day...

His smile lights up my heart...

He is totally a daddy's man! He steals my soul in his little blazer...

He still has his chubby little belly

He kicks his legs in the pool all by himself...a tad terrifying to watch..2 years ago he would have been kicking inside my belly!! That is a crazy thought!! 

He is growing up so darn fast. I just want to hit the pause button. I cannot even think at him being in preschool when he is 3...breaks my heart to think of him being that large so i will block it out for now! haha

Anyways enough about my baby turning into a little MAN...

I ordered some cookies for his birthday, I usually make all that baked goodies but this was one I did not have the time or patience for...but Nancy at Isabella's Bakery did! haha I sent her over the image of Vincents party invite, which is here:

and these are a look at the cookies!

I cannot handle the cuteness factor of these cookies! Check out her Isabella's Bakery's facebook page!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, the weather her is rainy and cold! It sucks consdering last weekend it was in the 70-80s!! I hope it clears up for our monster bash next weekend!!