8 months....

LuLu Jonas is 8 months tomorrow...WOO WOO! Sorry the poor kid has so many nick names, I just cannot help myself, last month it was Duke-a-Luke but LuLu and DuDu are the main ones now, mostly because Vincent calls him DuDu! 

He even runs in during nap time to the nursery screaming "Duuuuuu Duuuuuuuu!!!!", I have learned to not let him get within a 5 foot radius of the door now or else it is bad news bears for Luke and his nap progress. 

Here are some a CRAP TON of pictures of little dude and some of his favorite things at the moment...

(Going to warn you now... I went a TAD overboard on pictures....)

He is super serious a lot of the time...just like V was...

I think he is waving hi to all of you in bloggy world...

Luke has been eating like a crazy man lately. I mean he SCARFS everything down. When Vincent was this age I would no joke break up his puffs (psycho mom), I was so anal and always thought he would die if something was too large lol, you know since puffs are HUGE and all! :)

Luke on the other hand is allowed a lot more than Vincent ever was. This weekend he ate a ton of a hamburger and tonight he ate some chicken tenders (recipe to come!)...he was in heaven! 

He also went to town on some strawberry shortcake, well mostly the cake and whip cream part! 
He knows the GOOD STUFFFFFF! 


He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING...

This kid would no joke pull himself up on the edge of a cliff if possible...he is FEARLESS

Maybe he learned that crap from Taylor Swift...makes sense right?....love her

I cannot tell you how many times he has pulled this ON TOP of himself and fell backwards...'

note the wood floors...ya...horrific falls...

Crash pads are always following him to his next adventure...

This is also one of his go to places for standing...I mean can he pick the WORST places ever...I cringe everytime he gets up...but if I move him he just crawls right back so I just give in and allow it...

He is MUCH better though, probably a week without any falls!

He thinks his big brother Vincent is the cat's meow!

Tonight he was holding himself up peeking over the railing of Vincent's bed and was cracking up at ANYTHING Vincent did!

Vincent was doing some bad ace tricks, he did a front roll and said "DAAAA" meaning TADA! Then Vincent would tickle (sometimes get a little rough and hit) Lukes hands and Luke just died in laughter!

(((Vincent's big boy bed is a trundle bed...best thing EVER!)))

That is pretty much what Luke is up to! He finally sleeps through the night, not sure if I updated that on here yet. Thank the HEAVENS for that! I can finally sleep at night, although I still wake up just to hear him breathing on the monitor, I do not care how old he is I will always be checking that stuff!

Well that is all I have for now...HAPPY 8 MONTHS LUKE!! Mommy LOVES you!! xoxo


  1. Love the last pictures of the two brothers!

  2. Precious photos! Time really does fly by, doesn't it? My peapod had a lot of nicknames as well. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what her actual name is!

  3. omg these last few photos melt my heart (well all of them do)... but that sibling love... o.m.g. my uterus is hurting right now... i want another one!

  4. Oh my! So stinkin' cute! I miss that age. Such a happy baby!

  5. Yay!! Happy 8 months to Lulu and Gemgem (one of my many nicknames for Gemma haha).

    Luke is such a cutie. I LOVE all the pictures!! Keep 'em comin'! :)

  6. Amazing pics!

    and you are right... i will ALWAYS check on BOTH babes for breathing... :)

  7. What a handsome lil hunk of beefcake! Lulu happy months you cutie, you! Allie, these shots made my heart smile. LOVE them.

    HahahA... I hava a biiilion nick-names for jaxy too. He sometimes even looks at me like... "what did ya just call me lady?" Mr. Boo-Boo head. Crazy mommy!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I broke the puffs in half for my first and second child. And I'll probably do it for the third too! Lol. I'm way too anal and freaked out about that stuff.

    The pics are too cute! :-)

  9. OMG I want to squeeze his legs and pinch his squishy cheeks. He is adorable. New follower here just wanted to say hi!

  10. Picture heavy posts are always my fav! I love the pics of V and L playing together and having fun. Priceless!