Doggie Date- Verner Pup's 3rd Birthday!

Today was our trusty companion Verner's 3rd Birthday!

 He loved his hat so MUCH!

((I need a TAN bad wow! 4 weeks til the beach!!!))

  We took a little date to PetCo! He was so excited!

 We got some greenies for his gross dog breath and some yummy dog birthday is complete without sprinkles right!?


Seriously those treats look good enough for me to eat!

After our date and treats I gave him a nice brushing

I am not sure if most people realize how much German Shepherd's actually shed....

Well it's a CRAP TON...

Here is a little proof for ya...

it was also windy out so we lost some fur but this is after a 5 minute brushing session

This is no joke what it looks like EVERY time he is brushed!

We used to use a shedding blade...which got MAYBE 10% of this amount. 

We then found the Furminator and have had amazing results.
(We have the large yellow one for VP)

So if you have a shedding breed make sure you get a Furminator and a Dyson...I would be lost without both!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. It looks like Verner had a pillow fight with someone with all that hair on the floor.

    PS, I was totally waiting for you to say you made him some doggie treats. I bet you could bake a mean doggie treat! haha

  2. Happy Birthday Verner!!!

    "Craption," is my new fav word...
    FO SURE!!!!

  3. happy birthday pup!! super cute hat! i can't believe this dog sheds that much!!!

    btw, I just awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award!!! Congratulations! You can read about it and choose to accept it in my post here;


  4. Hi there! Happy to meet you! I'm a new follower from MBC...hope you can swing by my blog and return the favor! Adorable space, can't wait for more posts!