Guest Post and more....

Just a quick post! We have been traveling for a few days with Jordan for work...I loved no cooking and cleaning but Luke for some reason was not feeling all the nights in the hotel so I am MORE than happy to be in the comfort of our own home! 

I wrote a guest post over at The Caffeine Coquette! I am also going to be featured there on a regular basis talking about BAKING!! So make sure to check out my guest post today (Playgroups- A First Timers Tale)and then also to check back every Sunday for easy tips and recipes to make yourself more savvy in the baking department! You can add the cooking badge to your mommy sash!! haha!

Luke is now I have to cut this short!! Happy hump day everyone!! xoxo

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  1. So, what kind of work is that, that allows the whole family to travel together?