Happiness is...

Happiness is driving home from a fun filled road trip for work with daddy to the sound of 2 sleeping boys in the backseat. 
(someone commented on my last post asking what Jordan does that allows us to travel with him...he is in sales and travels a lot so we like to hit the road with him to make his trips happier, his territory covers a huge chunk of the state so I visit a lot of friends and family while he is out on sales calls, plus the idea of not cleaning and cooking is a HUGE bonus for me!)

I enjoyed the 2.5 hour drive home listening to some Jack Johnson and Vampire Weekend, singing along and busting out some dance moves here and there...just because I am a mom does not mean I am not cool anymore! haha! Plus I was driving the SUV instead of the minivan which makes me feel a tad cooler! Anyways when I stopped to pay tolls look who shot me a bright and cheery smile!!

Speaking of driving...I was in UTTER shock from filling up the gas tank twice this week, 120 bucks....


 I never drive the SUV since we have my husband's company car (Sienna-we call her Boom Boom Pow!) and free gas with that so I never pay attention to gas but I wanted to fall over dead in my tracks as I filled up today! VOMIT! 

On a happier note, one more cute thing to leave you with, is that when ever we get ready to go somewhere Jordan always says "Boom, boom, boom" (referring to the Black Eyed Peas song), and now when we go to leave Vincent runs around saying "boom, boom, booooooooooooooooomm"...I need to catch that stuff on video!! HILARIOUS...

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  1. that is so awesome that you guys get to travel him!! wow!

  2. Oh my! Hearts melted at both of those pictures. Glad you had a good trip.

    I hate thinking about gas prices. I want to put my head through the wall thinking about how much we spend on gas a month.

  3. My dad was in sales and we never all travelled with him as a family, but some weekends he would take me with him (because I "actually helped" lol) and I loved it! Glad you had a fun weekend and yeah, YUCK gas prices!!!

  4. Gas is almost $4 a gallon here in New York- sickening! Those photos are so adorable. My girlie has always been a good traveler as well!

  5. Your son is too cute! And that smile--priceless!

  6. OMG I love your blog. We are really similar with 2 under 2. I love your About Me section... "just trying to keep it together and get some me time"... isn't that the truth?!?

  7. I feel you on the gas prices. It costs over $100 every time we have to fill up the Escalade! I'm seriously considering converting to a minivan at this point!

  8. Love Love LOVE these pictures! It looks like your getting use to your camera nicely! SO happy I got to see you this week. Wish it could have been longer but hope to see you next month! xoxo