Happy Birthday Vincent!!

Exactly 2 years ago I had just given birth to Vincent (8:59pm), there are not many days I remember every moment of, but that is one day that I do! I remember exactly how I felt that morning going to the hospital to be induced (waters broken), I was terrified, nervous and totally clueless about the events and hurdles that were to come that day! 

I remember the everything.

I remember the horrible pains of labor that followed, I remember walking the halls (or trying to walk the halls), I remember crouching in the shower hoping that the warm water would soothe my pain (what a horrid sight that had to be- it didn't help by the way!), I remember the OB on call insisting that I would need an epidural (which made me irate, what a B!), I remember my doula passing out cold during the pushing stage, I remember there being NO JOKE 20 people in the room to watch a natural delivery (you're welcome nursing students haha),I remember watching Vincent make his way down the canal in the mirror, I remember the exact minute he emerged from my body and let out that amazing scream which was a huge moment of relief, I remember my midwife placing him on my chest and me bawling like a baby at the sight of my beautiful baby boy! I remember Jordan and I hugging and clenching each other and the new life we welcomed.

It is still so hard for me to believe that just 2 years ago he was still inside my belly. He has grown leaps and bounds from this day 2 years ago. Last year he was still not walking and now he is sprinting around, jumping and doing somersaults, he speaks like a big boy and every time he says "mom or mama", I melt into a thousand pieces. I am more in love with him each and every day, he continues to make my heart grow to the point I have no clue how it even fits in my body! He is such a sweet and kind little boy, who loves his mommy, daddy and baby brother!

By the way if you ask Vincent how old he is, he says " Immmm DOOOOOOOO"! 

We did not too crazy of a day since were saving the real party for Saturday! We went to Jordan's dads office for a visit, the ladies of the office got Vincent some fun toys and a bubble machine (so sweet), then we just had dinner and a little ice cream cake, played and then cuddled during prayers. I then watched the video I made for Vincent's first birthday

*If the video is slow here is the click this link*

I now feel like a slacker for not making one for his 2nd birthday...we will see if I can find time the next few days! All in all it was a perfect night! 

And now the pics...

He chose the bear hat over the monkey hat...lol a little sideways!

Grandpa's secretary gave Vincent a NEVER ENDING sucker...it lasted from around 2pm...

All the way to the ride home at 4pm!
(does he not have the most gorgeous brown eyes...swoooooon)

He blew them out all by himself!!

Luke was digging the ice cream cake!
Loving the bubbles!
Puppy loving...

I am so excited for his party on Saturday...I just need to get my butt in gear, I have been sick all week and have been taking it easy but tomorrow I need to start baking and getting things in order for the monster bash!

I hope you all have an amazing week..I cannot wait to post pictures from the weekend festivities!!

Happy Birthday to my little dude!! xoxo


  1. OH Vincent!! Happy Birthday big boy!!! And you go mama for natural delivery!! That's amazing!

  2. Love it.
    I have been inspired by a lot lately and you are part of that..next pregnancy I definitely want to go all natural!

    Happy 2nd birthday little man! He is precious beyond words.

  3. Oh my Allie friend... Vincent's sweet video just made me cry like a baby. It was just the best!

    Happy 2nd Birthday to Mr Vincent! Jax loved watching your cool video debut too. You guys would for SURELY be the best of buds! Have the funnest party ever you little monster, you!

  4. What a great post! That first photo made my heart swell up. My baby is 2 as well and I can still remember her birth like it was yesterday.

  5. Allie- This was such an amazing post. I laughed, cried, and got goosebumps. Great video and memories.

  6. What a precious video! I love the song, pictures and video footage. SO perfect! :) Happy Birthday baby boy!

  7. Josh and both watched his 1 year video last night. Looking at some of the very 1st set of pictures we took I was like "V was so small!" He is such a little man now! Loved the pictures of him blowing out his candle! Happy Birthday V! I'm sure his party is going to be great!

  8. Happy birthday!!!
    I love the pics!! He looks so big!!
    Can't wait to see party pics... good luck this weekend!

  9. Could be BE any cuter?? So cute. Happy bday to the big boy!