Is this for real?....

I pray to God this shirt is just a joke...

I ran across this at zulily wonder this crap is on clearance...

It is so thoughtful that they made these in adult sizes too

Adult T-Rex Hoodie Shirt

Not only could my child look like a total tool, I could add my husband in on it, heck why not get the whole family matching shirts for family pictures...


Sorry I just had to share this madness with you....

Vincent and Luke, be thankful your mommy has enough sense to never allow your cute little bodies to wear such a thing...

And if you own one of these, sorry just my honest opinion here! :)

Here is one last one on zulily that makes me shake my head...

Camels? Really?

Do any of your friends dress their kids in weird stuff?? I am such a picky person when it comes to dressing my boys, I just want them to look cute and nice without all the random characters and crazy dragons and superheros! (I will sometimes if ever allow them on PJs)

 Am I the only picky mom?? I just can't handle it! haha Would love your input!

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  1. Brittanie SantangeloApril 7, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    oh my...

  2. The second one.. I have a friend who would totally and DOES dress her son that way.

  3. I never buy the boys cartoon character clothes either. They have these little chairs that are themed to the movie cars and that even bothers me just a tad. I just wanted to find plain chairs, something I can flow other things with. BUT no. I think shirts like the ones you made with the little monsters on them are adorable but I don't dig spiderman so much or anything in that realm. To each their own though! :)

  4. I wouldn't dress my son that way, maybe on Halloween? ha ha

  5. Great Blog! I am now following. It would be great if you follow back :)


  6. Who would really spend money on those shirts?

    I have a rule that my whole family knows. My kids will not wear character clothes or shoes (only jammies but they have to be cute). My family does a pretty good job of following this rule.

  7. I also do not, should say did not, allow cartoon character clothing. OR SHOES!!! Is this a European site? However, I would put my 8-year-old-crazy-dinosaur-lover in the first one:) But totally not my husband. So, Aunt Allie if you need a bday gift idea, lol...

  8. Well there's "tasteful" whimsical and then there's just... yea... crazy whimsical! haha

    I dunno... I think the occasional tee shirt with a Mickey or a Speedy McQueen can be just fine. (boys) Or a cute Tinkerbell shirt for a girl.

    I mean, if you can't wear this stuff as a wee one, when can ya?!

  9. I hope you know this just makes me want to buy a dinosaur shirt for my 1 year old. Oh the things we do (put on) our kids! :D