The number 2....

The number 2 is very present in our house lately.

First off....Vincent...

He is so independent anymore...kinda breaks my heart a little bit at times but it is so great to see him do mostly everything himself (minus the butt wiping...cant wait for that one!)

As we are now into the month April, Vincent's 2nd birthday is coming full force (t-minus 19 days) and I cannot stop the fact he is turning two I am trying to soak up as much baby time as I can! (I know he is technically a toddler but whatever he is still my baby!)

Last night I pulled him into bed with me since Jordan was gone for work...he is the best snuggler ever! Jordan hates when I let him sleep in our bed but he was not home so I allowed it! :) Granted the main reason he slept in our room is because he woke up randomly screaming at 2am, and I hate being home alone without Jordan so I of course got him in the terror of "oh my gosh what if he heard someone outside his window" haha hardly possible since he is on the 2nd story, but hey you never know! 

(Have I mentioned I am the world's biggest worrier!)

I think he just woke up because he wanted to see he cuddled up right next to me all night!
But anyways, I am just still in mommy shock that my baby boy is almost 2! I feel like just yesterday we were helping him learn to walk and now he is running full force and bouncing off the walls 247. He is such a little MAN!  Here are a few pics of my almost 2 YEAR OLD...AHHH....

my little stinker rocking his cool mommy made shirt....

The next number 2 miles

This week I actually ran my first ever 2 MILES without stopping or dying. This is huge for me because I used to dread even running one mile. It is totally a mind game though...and I always let my anxiety get the best of me. We have a mile loop in our allotment and I knew that if I started the run with the mindset that we were running 2 miles that I would jinx myself and be second guessing myself the whole run. So I told Jordan lets just run our regular mile and go from there. Once we were coming to the end of our first mile, I said let's keep going to the next stop sign...we kept running and I realized wow I am FINE and still alive haha...we were getting close to the next stop sign so I said alright let's go to the next stop sign (there are like 4 stop signs along the mile loop).
Each stop sign I just focused on the next, before I knew it I was on the backside of the second mile and doing perfect. I was no more tired than I was the first mile which still shocks me. Needless to say we made it to the end of the second mile and I was so giddy inside over the fact that I had just overcome a stupid phobia of mine. I am not sure why but breaking the run up in my mind made it easier than starting off with the mindset of "2 MILES". Plus, have I said that my husband is the best coach ever...he helps so much to keep me going!

Maybe that is just me and a little quirk of mine but that is how I am going to handle the training from here on out, it gives me less time to build up any anxiety and more time to focus on the fact that my body can and will run. Now to figure out the last 11 miles of the 1/2 

Obviously my goal is to not think of them all at once...

The last number 2 comes in the form of the swimsuits. I am actually excited to rock a swimsuit now! I had to text my best friend last night about my decision of a one-piece, the conversation went like this:

ME- Am I such a mom that I bought a one piece swimsuit?
Becky- OH MY GOSH..haha...Could you have not at least went with a tankini?
ME- NO lol its not that fact, plus I got some cute retro ones!
ME- I could still rock a bikini if need be but my tatas fall out every move I make and juggling kids in a 2 piece would not be all that flattering! haha 
(Sent a pic of me in my new one piece)
Becky- OH MY Al, you totally rock that swimsuit...I LOVE IT!

then we just chatted about where I got them....anyways I got these two little beauties at Target!
I am wearing the straps with them both...I think the straps make them look cuter and help the risk of my goods falling out! haha! 

Now I am in the search for the perfect FLOPPY BEACH HAT....I saw them at Gap last year but haven't been there lately. If you know of any please inform me ASAP haha. I need them for our Carolinas trip next month, plus we are visiting some plantations so I thought a floppy hat would make me feel like I belonged on a plantation, paired with a flowy sundress haha. I no joke tried on all my summer dresses and came downstairs to ask Jordan if they looked like "plantation style dresses" 

Well that is all I have for the number two...
Hope you all have an AMAZING WEEKEND!

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  1. He is so stinkin' cute!!!

    Love those swimsuits. Target is my fav! They have some cute floppy hats there. I'm totally purchasing one for this summer!

  2. Those swimsuits are adorable! I never thought I would buy a one piece, but I don't think two pieces are a smart idea for me anymore. Lol.

  3. I have tried one pieces especially for waterparks but they make my thighs look huge! Also, Cael will still snuggle with me thank God! I look at the pics of V and I remember Cael in a GAP sweatshirt, knit hat and goofy grin!

  4. Allie,

    Could your lil luv bug get any cuter! I know how hard it was for my jaxy to turn the big 2, you just have to remember that they will ALWAYS be your babys. I totally do the momma bed snuggle, when daddy's is out of town too!

    You go girlie... thinking of running 2 miles makes me want to take a nap. lol. High-5 to you!

    The retro suites are adorbs... and seriously HOT as well. That's a good combo, right?! Target is prob my fav store... funny how things change as a mommy. ~the end~ (novel) HAHA. Byeee

  5. Cute!! I am following from MBC.

    Stop by sometime


  6. I love the pic of V where he is making the same face as the monster on his shirt!

    Haha, I'm going to have to look at Target tomorrow for a cute suit! I love those ones!

  7. he is so stinking sweet... i just want to squeeze him. and go you for snuggling up with him in your bed.... i cannot wait for those days with my babgirl and i don't care what hubs says.... because I'm the BIG BOSS. :)

  8. cute blog! new follower. Your son is adorable! I have a little boy that will be 2 in June. They are so much fun!

    cute suits. where did you find them?

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