This little boy...

turns 2 in 4 days...

I can still remember 2 years ago I was waiting to go into labor, every tiny contraction I thought was the real deal. I ended up going a week over my due date, but all was perfect and well once he entered the world.

2 years later he is an independent little man! He climbs ladders and goes down the slide alone, sometimes he asks for help...which I LOVE because he still needs his mommy

 He learns new things every single day...

His smile lights up my heart...

He is totally a daddy's man! He steals my soul in his little blazer...

He still has his chubby little belly

He kicks his legs in the pool all by himself...a tad terrifying to watch..2 years ago he would have been kicking inside my belly!! That is a crazy thought!! 

He is growing up so darn fast. I just want to hit the pause button. I cannot even think at him being in preschool when he is 3...breaks my heart to think of him being that large so i will block it out for now! haha

Anyways enough about my baby turning into a little MAN...

I ordered some cookies for his birthday, I usually make all that baked goodies but this was one I did not have the time or patience for...but Nancy at Isabella's Bakery did! haha I sent her over the image of Vincents party invite, which is here:

and these are a look at the cookies!

I cannot handle the cuteness factor of these cookies! Check out her Isabella's Bakery's facebook page!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, the weather her is rainy and cold! It sucks consdering last weekend it was in the 70-80s!! I hope it clears up for our monster bash next weekend!!



  1. OMG. Those monster cookies are to die for! Cutest.Things.Ever.

  2. One - V in that blazer <3 !
    Two - Those cookies ARE to die for! You are such a good party-haver! haha.

  3. Adorable photos. 2 years old is my favorite age so far, they are soooo much fun!!


    I love that he still has a chubby lil belly, my jaxy does too! The blazer pic... SWOON! Just precious photos Allie. Also, monster cookies are to die for!

    Can't wait to see his sweet party pics! Have a wonderful time. Don't forget to take a few moments and take everything all in. Much <3.

  5. Oh my gosh, that face...that smile. He is just the cutest! You are blessed :-)

  6. I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi! :)

    Your son is SO handsome!! I LOVE the party invitation and cookies. Super cute!!

    I have a fun giveaway on my blog! You're welcome to come check it out :)

  7. Got tears in my eyes when I saw the pics in front of the shed and piano. I know some people who would love copies:)