Back home....

Vacation is done and over with! (TEAR)

Of course while we were gone it was pretty much summer like here in Ohio (70s-80s) then the second we get home it is all rainy and cold! Go figure! But vacation wise we had AMAZING weather! It only rained one of the days we were in Charleston, thank God for the Cougar 2 Stroller, it has a rain cover so the boys did not get one drop of rain on on the other hand... yea we were soaked but it made the visit to downtown so much more fun!! I did not let the rain stop me from getting Ben & Jerry's and soaking in all that is historic Charleston! The boys were also so toasty under their rain shield that they even started steaming up the thing!! EVERYONE was commenting on it, they thought the stroller was the bees knees and also asked if they could ride in it...Heck ya jump on in!!

 Here is a cute picture from one of the stops that rainy day! 

They seriously took turns napping! It was hilarious! Luke was so happy when we stopped at one of the historic theaters to catch a break from the crappy rain! 

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with South Carolina now...I even decided that since we will one day live in a plantation home that I will start dressing the part...

I will churn Jordan butter and make the boys chocolate milk straight from the cow that I milk in the morning ...

Okay...yeah right! But I did love the South, and am JEALOUS of all of you that get to call it "HOME". One day we will join y'all and sit in our rockers on the front porch drinking sweet tea watching our kids run around in the yard! Seriously I have these pictures in my head, Jordan and I no joke picked out a million houses that we would buy! Ahhhh....I can only dream for now!

Anyways back to where I was going with this post...

The DRIVE...

I must say I was VERY nervous about all the time we had in the car. The first day we went from Ohio to Charlotte, NC. The following day we went from Charlotte to Charleston, SC. We stayed there for a few days then on Mother's day we went from Charleston, SC to Tampa, FL. Stayed for the week then made the dreaded drive from Tampa, FL back to OH! We spent 40-45 hours driving over the vacation, I would say out of those hours the boys (Luke) only cried maybe 45 minutes! HEAVEN!!

So our secret to driving long distances is this...leave EARLY, I am talking like 3am (I know it blows but it is so worth it)! The most we drove in a day was 8 hours, but when you leave at 3am that puts you at your destination before noon, give or take some breaks in there! But seriously it was a breeze, we were very blessed with great behavior out of them! Throw in a few snacks, toys and iPad games and you are solid! We will always play the 3am leaving game any time we vacation! 

I have like a bazillion pictures which I will be posting over the coming days and weeks! 

But for now I need a shower, I feel yucky haha and I need to get ready to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere! Woot Woot! Cannot wait to finally have my beloved Teresa back once a week! I hope she flips some more tables! LOVE HER!

You all better be watching that tonight or else we may need to end our friendship :)

Joking........or am I?????

Until next time...XOXO


  1. Glad you had a great time! And it was only summer-like in OH for a couple days. My husband was just saying he doesn't ever remember it raining this much! Sorry you had to come back to such crappy weather. Does your little guy ever stop smiling? What a cutie!!

  2. I love your posts. They are so spunky and upbeat. I can't wait to meet you SOON! I'm so glad your vacation went so well. We do the same method of leaving WAY early anytime we are traveling a long distance. We will be leaving at like 2:30-3 the morning of Chrissy's shower to get there on time since Brice has to work the day before! I'll be so tired but it's worth having a happy baby!

  3. LOVE the photos! I'm glad you had such a great time. I always hate to come home after vacation. Back to reality! And we have the same weather here in NY. Rain rain rain!

  4. Those pics are great! Looks like a fun trip. I watched the train wreck oh I mean Real HW of NJ last night - yikes!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to my "home", did you visit anything in Charlotte?? The Discovery Place is downtown and we love to take Cam there, also there is Carowinds...
    Just wondering (I live really close to Charlotte) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charleston too! I would move there, but my family is here so I will stay here in my little town :)
    When Cam was 5 we drove to Miami, FL (Which is a LONG DRIVE), but we started out at 8:30 pm, drove all night and was at our destination when he woke up! That was how we planned peaceful trips! So I totally understand the 3am departure time!

  6. So glad you enjoyed Charleston! You will love living here even more than you loved visiting! Oh, and a $7 million home...chyeah right!

    Your comment made me tear up, I think that being new to this whole blogging thing...its just really nice knowing that someone that doesn't even know us cares. Enough to make me tear up. Thank you. Only a few more months & we can try again!