Carolina Love-Middleton Place Plantation

I am finally getting to some vacation posts! Yesterday I finally put the suitcase away, it was no joke sitting in the middle of the upstairs hallway, it sat there for a week empty, yes I am that lazy that I just kept walking over it or pushing it to the side! Don't judge me! :) But I can now say we are completely unpacked & settled!

Middleton Place Plantation was our first stop on our way to Charleston. We "oohed and aahed" as we drove down the roads leading up to the plantation. It was so peaceful and quiet and all the houses were far apart and down long lanes. When we pulled up the drive to the plantation my jaws dropped in awe of what I was seeing. The house was GORGEOUS, there were sheep in the front lawn and a horse drawn carriage coming down the dirt drive. I was biting at the bit to get out of the car and start exploring! 

 We got the kids out of the car and applied their sunscreen (this is the day of my BURN), we walked up and decided on which tours we would take (We did the African American Tour and the House Tour- would do neither if we went again). The grounds were immaculate. The gardens were breathtaking. They are all geometrically planned to a tee! It is rather insane! 

We were there for pretty much the whole afternoon, there was so much to see and do! So much history and beauty...usually I am not big on history stuff but this was very interesting! By the end of the day we understood the ins and the outs of plantation life for the home owners and also the slaves. When we were on the African American tour, the guide went into depth about how the slaves were treated and I teared up numerous times, it was so hard to hear all the horrible things that happened to them! Good thing I was wearing my sunglasses or everyone would have been staring at the crazy mom crying! haha

Here are some pictures from the day! I suggest going here if you are ever in the area! 

 They said there was gators in the lakes, I did not believe it until I saw him sunbathing....eeeek!

They had peacocks all over...and this one let us get up close and personal! 

This visit only reinforced my love for the South and for wanting to live on a plantation!

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