Craptastic BURN!

We are  now ending day 2 of vacation, well actually day 1 since yesterday was mostly spent driving (which was AMAZING, if I must say so myself...NO cries the ENTIRE drive!)

We left at the buttcrack of dawn (3am) so the boys slept most of the drive! Heaven!

We stopped in Charlotte to visit my best friend and have dinner and also to break up the drive a little, it was a nice visit, it just sucked unpacking everything just to stay for one night only to pack it up and then unpack again tonight haha! 

Good news is that the boys are all asleep so I am one happy momma minus this....

That... there... would be a sunburn y'all! 
(Since we are in the south I can OFFICIALLY say ya'll!! Get used to it for the duration of my trip y'all!)

I think I am so tough that I can just not wear sunscreen on our tour of the plantations today...Halfway through Jordan said I was getting a little pink, I said "No biggie, I never burn!" I guess my poor skin really has not seen sun like this for almost 2 years, so words eaten!

Jordan HATES sunburns so he always lathers up, and he cringes every time he looks at me, haha He said he is sad for me!! (Thanks baby!) It is 10 times worse since I took a shower tonight! Needless to say tomorrow I will be hitting my shoulders with spf50!

A few highlights of the day:

Jordan and I milked a cow! Me and Annabelle the cow had a lot in common, she only gets milked twice a day so she has nothing on me!

Vincent used my toothbrush to scrub the bathroom floor, then dipped it in the toilet, then put it in his mouth!
I just said "Oh MY!" and Jordan asked "What?" 
I could not speak. haha.
I just stood there is awe of what was happening. Then we of course all laughed. I love Vincent!

Vincent pet a HUGE Clydesdale horse, and Luke pet a regular horse

McDonald's in SC does not have HONEY!?!???! How on earth can I eat my fries without it!

Luke is crawling (real style now) he usually army crawls around our house since it's mostly hard wood or tiles but now that his terrain in carpet in hotels he had to step up his game!

Free wine at our hotel makes me a HAPPY mommy! 

People in the south really are NICER...Thank the LORD!

That's all for now...time to sleep off this sunburn!

(good news is sunburns=tans) yippie


  1. Ouch! I have to admit I'm a bit jealous though. Our sunshine has disappeared!

  2. ouch!! hope you start feeling better soon, although the day after is usually worse :(

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  4. First off, welcome to good ole Charleston! Sorry about the sunburn...I know it is just awful (I am a freckled doesn't get much worse)

    And seriously, which McD did you go to?! Its been a while since I went but I ALWAYS get honey...for my chicken nuggets & fries!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Oh yeah, and duh! of course we are nicer ;)

  5. you were only about 45 miles from my homestead!!!!!! LOL

    I live just south of Charlotte in South are right we are nicer! :)

    Hope you enjoy Charleston, I love visiting there! And get some vitamin E capsules, and rub on the burn. You will be amazed at the difference! (You have to bust them and squeeze the oil out) don't get a cream use the capsules (before you go to bed, let it soak in all night) it's sticky but trust me worth it!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  6. You crack me up!! I love reading your posts! I applaude you for even blogging on you thats dedication, and something I would do. lol Have Fun!!

  7. Dam it Allie! You always have all the awesome "crappy" words! Craptastic... Great word! Craption... still my fav though!

    You look way too pretty sunburn & all! Have fun!

  8. Hope it's feeling better by now! Sounds like y'all are having fun. I'm from the south, so I can say it too! Gotta love a hotel with free wine. We stayed at a Staybridge Suites once and they had the happy hour M-TH. It was great! We always look for staybridges now! Just stopped in to say "Happy Mother's Day!!"

  9. Hope your sunburn heals fast! Your comment about the cow was hilarious. That tooth brush story makes me cringe!