The Great Outdoors....

FINALLY....We can escape being trapped inside! I am beyond excited to actually be able to walk outside at any given point of the day and not have to bundle up with a coat! 

A few things I love about summer is clearly the warm weather (aka tanned skin) and being able to cook outside and have fires! But topping that list is smores! YUMMMMMM....I had to stop at the store to pick up milk on Saturday and of course I had to walk right by the aisle with all the smores supplies in one spot screaming "BUY ME!" Since I am a softy I of course bought them because I know how much Vincent (and myself) enjoy anything chocolate! So we made a little fire and cooked the first smores of 2011 this past weekend! 

(side note...have you ever made smores with Reese Cups instead of Hershey's Bars...HOLY HEAVEN!)

Some more stuff that caught my eye at the store were these adorable kid's adirondack chairs, 7 bucks each at Meijer....and Vincent loves moving them around the yard (that in itself is an hour of fun every day haha)! 

wrong feet lol 

Blowing slobber bubbles

 Of course that night it started raining...I am so over the rain situation...please stop!

Yesterday I was telling Jordan how excited I was that my allergies have not been bad this year, I was saying that I thought maybe they had went away since they supposedly change every 7 years....but my words were eaten last night when the ITCHY watery eyes started...I AM SO SAD about it!!

We have had high pollen alerts the whole past week and I was fine until last night...we went to a park with a lake so I am not sure if there was a particular tree there or something that got me but they are now in full effect...yippie....NOT!

Oh and one more thing that is glorious about summer is the garage sales and all the goodies that come with it! Now I am not a pro garage saler like my pals Chrissy and Haley but my first ever find was this weekend, there was an estate sale down the road at the most amazing old house ever, it was like from a storybook, very old and charming. Anyways this is what I found....

It was only 12 bucks...SCORE! I am going to clean it up and put our flat screen on it in our bedroom! Pics to come when I finally get around to that! haha

We have a crazy busy weekend this weekend and I am so excited! My friend Chrissy who is pregnant with her first baby is having her baby shower on Saturday (PS she is the CUTEST pregnant lady ever...she's still skinny I love it!!!), so we are heading home to spend the weekend at my parents. We also have some other parties to attend so it should be an exciting weekend in Amish Country! 

Hope you all are having a great week! Enjoy the holiday weekend ahead!


  1. Allie!! YOUR BOYS ARE DELICIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! AH I love them haha. And you're such a good photographer! Couldn't help but notice the Canon lens cover... Can't even tell you how many times I've found Gemma with my Canon cap in her mouth! lol!

    Also, never had Reeses Smores but that is now on my summer to-do list! Annnnnd lastly, I love garage saling! :D

  2. Your boys are too cute!!! I love the messy faced pictures!

    That garage sale find is AMAZING! I am jelly! I can't wait to meet you Saturday!! Wooohoo.

    P.S I am cursed with terrible allergies. It looks like I'm crying everytime I go outside during the day because my eyes water so much. Terrible for my make up :(

  3. Great pictures!! Now I want smores so bad lmao!

  4. Holy Moly I love V's smore face!

    I'm so excited about your find too! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!!! Love thrifting...

    Just a few more days until I get to see you!! YEA!!!

  5. Oh gosh! Those cute lil feetsies! I just want to eat up their cuteness. If ya ask me... you need to have another lil munchkin... they are just beautiful!

    Dude! There is no way that dresser was $12 buckeroos...kinda mad at cha... that's so awesome!