Houston...we have TEETH!

9 months into his life Luke has finally popped some teethers!! He decided to pop 2 bad boys while on vacation haha! Perfect timing...I can not get a good picture of the bottom tooth but the top one is popping out nicely!

I cannot wait to be able to get better pictures when they fully pop through! The funny thing is he has the top left one and the bottom right...I cannot wait to see his crooked smile! He is such a little monkey! 

Also in Luke news he can completely climb the stairs!

Clearly he is at the bottom since I am constantly right behind him anytime he makes a break for it!...and he is actually choosing to right now as I type....



  1. Baby gate, baby gate, baby gate.

  2. Ahhh!! So cute! Gemma still does not have a single tooth! Buuuut, we're leaving for a week vacation this Friday so maybe she'll pop some then! Haha! :):)