How 1563 became 2498....

1,563 miles roundtrip turned into 2,498 miles for this family vacation! We had originally just planned on doing a quick spring vacation with the boys to the Carolinas for some sun and fun! Hubs wants to end up living in the Carolinas, so that is one of the main reasons for the trips, I pray the Carolinas better be on their best behavior if they want us to become residents one day! haha

Seriously...Jordan has this ideal picture in his head of us living in the country in a plantation style house, with a big huge front porch and a pond (insert me freaking out...NO WAY on the pond, kids near water scares me, and being out in the middle of nowhere!) 
Okay maybe I would consider it if we had this house...

Me, on the other hand... I am all for the big front porch and a plantation home but I love having the security of neighbors, I am the most scaredy cat person ALIVE, maybe that will change when the boys are big buff teenagers and I have my own in home security crew but as for now I am happy about living in our nice little cul-de-sac with neighbors on each side! 

 Jordan said we can have a wolf pack of German Shepherds that will kill on command, lol but Verner's hair is enough to make me never want another dog unless my floor can somehow suck the hair up on its own when Verner sheds..I would pay LOTS of money for that...a floor that cleans itself because I am sick of vacumming twice a day to keep up with this dog....They would have to all stay fenced in on the porch so the wind would blow the hair away...

Anyways...totally off topic! But we are hoping that the Carolinas have all the southern charm that we are envisioning! I cannot wait to soak up that hot sun and sip some lemonade on a porch swing! Please do not let us down! 

But back to how 1563 miles became 2498...

A few weeks back after we had booked our hotel we found out Jordan had to be in FL for training the whole next week and was scheduled to leave the day we were supposed to drive home...

Well we had a few options...first, him fly from the Carolinas and I drive back alone with the boys...haha let's all agree that this was really NOT a realistic option for me....

Second, end our vacation early...not really an option either, we want our time with Jordan since his job steals him all the time...sorry I am selfish but he needs and deserves a BREAK with us...

Third, drive from the Carolinas to Florida instead of going home....DING DING DING, we have a winner!

We will be driving to FL and staying for the week while Jordan has his work training, my mom is flying down to help and stay with the boys and I since Jordan will be gone at home office the entire week! So lucky me got an extra week of vacation time with my boys! Fun and sun here we come!

I am a little nervous since this is the first time we have went on an actual vacation with the boys, we have done little trips with Jordan for work but nothing of this magnitude! I am used to being able to lay on the beach and lounge back in the day but let's face it I will not be lounging or relaxing with the boys in tow...I will be on high alert on the beach haha! I have lots of beach toys and floaties ready to ease the pain!

I am trying not to think about ALL the time that will be spent in the car, we are breaking the drive up as much as possible to keep the boys from freaking out! I have bags full of snacks and goodies, the iPad is charged and ready for some games, the aqua doodle is packed, and thats really all I am working with for distractions...praying for lots of sleep for the boys... WISH US LUCK for a safe and fun vacation!

I need to pack or Jordan is going to kill me when he gets home tonight!!!....haha

One last thing... I am not a huge Taco Bell fan since I always feel not so hot after eating it but our town has the new Doritos shell tacos and I had to try them....They were pretty tasty and we were one of the first cities to try them...hopefully you all get them soon until jealous of the cheesy goodness...

I get happy about little things like...FOOD HAHAH

Until next time....XOxoXO


  1. You make me laugh! I hope it all goes smoothly! I am so jealous..not gonna lie.

    P.S Dorito shells??? Whaaaa???

  2. oh my goodness, how things get carried away sometimes right. Something that seems simple. LOL love the pictures, the black in white is just gorgeous. What beautiful eyes!

  3. SO when are you leaving on vacay? For your sake I hope you have better luck then us when we go on vacation. Our last mini trip to Chi-town wasnt a very memorable one but thats how it always goes for us. We are gonna try the beach thing in the next year or two since the girls are old enough now for me to not worry about them by water.

  4. Oh Allie... The big ole southern house w/ the wrap around porch... AND A POND! Now what movie does that remind you of? Awww... The Notebook! Hello! I would seceretly hate you forever, if you had a house like that. I would be way too jealous. hahah. Greg & I always joke, that Allie & Noah, stole our l've story.

    Anywhooo's... Wishing your beautiful family the best vacation thus far! Drive safely, & have sooo much fun!

    (do I get an award for the longest comments ever?) Lol.

  5. Love those photos! HOpe you have a wonderful time!

  6. Ok, I CANNOT WAIT to see pictures of those adorable boys on the beach!!! Oh my. It's going to be adorable. I also hope the boys do well on the drive...pack the Benedryl! xoxo have a great time!

  7. I am just the opposite. I have very few neighbors and wish I had none at all! Nothing beats living in the country with no one else around. Having a pack of five dogs, I'm never concerned!