Seriously!? Thursday

I always love Becky over at From Mrs to Mamas Seriously Thursday so I decided to join in this week. I will try to make it a weekly thing but lets face it, I am a little spacey when it comes to staying on a schedule!

So here goes... all you RHONJ fans...I am already annoyed with Melissa and Kathy. I love Teresa so they need to back off of her! Melissa seems VERY immature and drama filled. Her sisters are downright rude and trashy and do not get me started on Kim G. You would think women mature with age, ha...not a chance with these ladies. I hope Teresa and her brother can get along especially for her poor fathers sake but I am a little skeptical with Melissa's drama mixed in, with all that said I AM LOVING THIS SEASON!
Seriously...okay since I am on a Real Housewives kick, let me switch to RHOOC, Alexis's dress line was not all that couture! haha I thought it sucked and I would NEVER wear any of them...they were so short and not at all practical. I usually like Gretchen but she was being a total B about Vicki not being there. Chill the frick out Gretchen. Vicki was bleeding from her BUM...haha TMI by the way. And her and Rip the band-aid off now and walk away.
Seriously...Vincent just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. HOLLLLLLLLLY COW. It will be a fun day for us. Oh and it's raining so that means it's an inside day...yippie!

Seriously....I get a TAD annoyed when my friends without kids are "OH SO BUSY" and do not have time call. Really, you want to talk about busy!? The phone goes both ways....

Seriously...Jordan and I went to see Cirque Du Soliel this weekend and it was sucky. Okay maybe that is a little harsh, but it was not near as good as Cirque Dreams. If they come to your city definitely see Cirque Dreams over Cirque Du Soliel, they did MUCH cooler stuff, and the show was cheaper! 

Seriously...We are so darn busy this summer. It is insane. It is like we look forward to having an open summer and then BAM every weekend is pretty much full, good thing we do a spring vacation vs summer vacation!

Seriously....Luke is a BULLY. He has a super bad temper. Every time him and Vincent have their separate sippy cups out, Luke wants Vincents, so he swipes it. (I call him swiper...swiper no swiping) I used to nanny so Dora lines are embedded in my head. Anyway when we take Vincents cup from Luke he FREAKS and screeches as if you were hurting him. Little. Monster. AHHHH

Seriously...I always want to do a post about What I am Loving This Week...but somehow most of the things I would write would be food related haha. I am sorry I love me some FOOD and goodies!

Seriously...Last weekend our church had their huge Festirama, so we took the boys and I was SHOCKED by how trampy all the girls were dressed. It was not just a few of them, almost every teenage girl had shorts that looked like boyshort underwear. Crap boyshort underwear may have covered more than what they wore. I get it, I worked at Abercrombie during college and wore all their clothing but NEVER was any of their stuff of slutty. I mean do parents NOT look at their child before they walk out the door. Hello teenagers, you are pretty and would look so cute and nice in a sundress, preferably not as short as your shorts! I have decided once the boys get in school I have to get back into coaching cheerleading so I can mentor the kids in some way...aka to not be skanky! UGH But maybe their parents need a lesson on being parents too....come on people let's get with it!

Okay I think that is all the ranting and raving I have haha. 

Seriously how cute are my little boys!?!?!

These pictures were from Fort Sumter last month...

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  1. "Swiper no swiping!" haha that show is HUGE at our house! :)

    and your boys?! Too cute!

  2. Seriously Reality Steve needs you;)

  3. seriously... best comments about real housewives! haha.. i love that show (both). and you're right.. melissa is a total nutcase and kathy is obviously just riding along with the ridiculousness. ughh. i have the feeling this will be a LONG season!

    anyway.. just popped in from seriously thursday :)

  4. Girlfriend... this is one of the reasons I love ya so darn much. Say it like it is, sista! I am such a reality tv hor. It's becoming a problem. BUT I LOVE it! YO!!! XO.

  5. Rhonj .... Hate Melissa and that dumb Kathy who i despise the most. But I'm sure this season will again be amazing. I thought the "couture line" was everything but that. I also can't (but can) believe Vicky is getting a divorce! I too amazed on how young girls dress.... I never wore that kind of stuff.... Especially not to church. And yes those pictures are adorable!!!! I want to squeeze them!

  6. I totally feel like they are ganging up on Teresa and I think Bravo should remember who made the show in the first place, it wasn't Melissa or Kathy. I think Gretchen was trying to make a mountain out of a molehill with the whole vicki situation.
    I feel you when friends without kids say they are so busy with a massive sigh at the end, spend a day at my house and they wouldn't say that again.

  7. Luke is going to have come to live at Grandma's house for awhile, no bullying allowed. Shame on you, Mr. Luke, being a bully to your big brother. Your comments crack me up. I know what you mean about the clothes, it is even hard to buy decent clothes for the girls that don't make them look like hookers.

    Love you!!!